Dallant [duh-lahnt] is the phonetic spelling of the word “talent” in Korean. 

Discovering, creating, inspiring & supporting talented women is our mission.

Our mission is to create a community of talented, like-minded creatives to inspire one another, above and beyond offering amazing products on our online store. In efforts to achieve our mission, as well as to further blur the line between e-commerce and social media in today's digital world, we've built our website to serve as a platform for digital creators to showcase their outfits & their followers to easily shop their content.

Our goal is for our online store to feel like scrolling through a well curated feed - full of fashion inspiration & shoppable content!

Think of the Dallant Girls as the city’s cool girls who are confident, independent, and stylish. They are passionate about expressing themselves through their work and personal style. They each are unique, but all have one thing in common – they recognize the distinct talents that they've been gifted with and make creative use of them to paint the world into a better, more colorful place. 

Joining our growing community today!