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The Dallant Reusable Bag: Generation #1

The Dallant Reusable Bag: Generation #2

In the Korean culture, a "Bokjumoney" (also spelled bokjumeoni) is a lucky pouch that is believed to bring "Bok" which is good fortune and prosperity. "Bok" can also refer to the goods in life such as health and talents that you've been gifted with at birth. The "Bokjumoney" will not only hold your "Bok" in place, but also serve as a reminder to be thankful for all your blessings! 

Made from recycled materials, this sturdy & eco-friendly "Bokjumoney" is the perfect shape and size to become your everyday go-to tote bag. Gym bag, lunch bag, book bag, grocery bag... you name it.

Our reusable bag not only minimizes the use of plastic in our packaging, but also encourages you to incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle by replacing the use of disposable plastic & paper bags.

Our "Bokjumoney" reusable bag packaging is complimentary with all orders. 
Make a sustainable move with us!