Some of our "sold out" & "coming soon" items are eligible for a pre-order.

Pre-order items are expected to ship within 1-3 weeks from the order date. 

Before pre-ordering, please read the terms & conditions below:

1. Pre-orders require payment to be made a checkout.

2. Please note that due to the nature of pre-order items, we will not be accepting cancellations.

3. We cannot guarantee a specific ship date. However, we will do our best to update you each week on the status. We promise to ship the orders as soon as possible. 

4. In rare cases, the ordered items will arrive later than the expected ship date due to various circumstances. (e.g. customs)

5. If you combine in-stock and pre-ordered items, you will receive separate shipments. The in-stock items will ship first and the pre-ordered items will be shipped later.

6. Please do not pre-order if you are unable to wait.

7. By placing a pre-order, you are agreeing to all of the above terms. 


Thank you for your patience with our pre-order items!