You'll Want To Wear These Swimsuit Trends To The Park

By Ana Tess

Summer is still here and there are so many reasons to head out to the beach on your day off. We’d like to introduce you to the hottest swimwear trends of the SS20 season. Even if you don’t have a beach near you, you can still wear these out to a local park or even your backyard/terrace!

Bikini with a top

A bit of a boyish look if you want to go for that. For a feminine version of the same top, I would wear it in a chic animal print.

fershandez | bikini trends 2020 | The Dallant


One Piece

A classic ultimate option for every woman. And there are so many varieties! From deeper cuts for those who aren’t afraid of attention to more conservative versions for those who know their borders. I love how you can always wear it as a bodysuit as well!

lenaperminova | one piece swimsuit trends 2020 | The Dallant


Bandeau top

The girliest and most practical swimsuit option. The bandeau top gives almost no tan lines, which could be a deal-breaker - who wants them?

krissroma | bandeau bikini swimsuit trends 2020 | The Dallant


Bikini with ties

Love this one, it’s sort of a flashback to the 2000s, but in an upgraded cut. Those tie swimsuits became smaller, curvier, and more provocative. Just tie them in a sturdy knot and you’ll be all set!

itsamylang  | bikini with ties swimsuit trends | The Dallant


Animal print

It has been mentioned already but deserves its own chapter. Wildlife inspired swimsuit pushed away all the floral motifs this summer. Are you a cheetah or tiger gal?

yvonnesimone | animal print swimsuit trends 2020 | The Dallant


Feminine bustier

An author's favorite option, which blows off to French Riviera and Brigitte Bardot, in particular. Those 60s vibes are even cuter for swimwear. 

srhmikaela | bustier bikini swimsuit trends 2020 | The Dallant


Crop top

Basically, you can use any of the tops listed above for a cool city look. Style anything from the less coverage options like the bustier to the more conservative options like an asymmetrical top with an oversized blazer for a chic summer outfit.

leoniehanne | bikini crop top with oversized blazer swimsuit trends | The Dallant


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