You’ll See This Crafty Jewelry Trend Everywhere This Summer

By Ana Tess

I didn’t take this jewelry trend seriously a few years ago. To be honest, it could still be a little controversial, but now I find it fun and it’s blowing up on Instagram. And you know what? Life should be fun and colorful, and so today I’ll be talking all about beaded jewelry. There is a whole pool of different kinds even within beaded jewelry, so I’ll go through each micro-trend individually; from the more childish beads to office suitable ones.

Playful jewelry from the kid’s closet

Beaded Jewelry  @fayewad  The Dallant


These ones are tough cookies, as it’s easy to look silly in them, but on the other hand - very cool. I would pair it with bright clothes or on the contrary, with something minimalistic. Layering them with multiple necklaces or bracelets could also be a good move for this kind of crafty beaded jewelry.

Beaded Jewelry  @jen_wonders  The Dallant


Old-school beaded

Beaded Jewelry  @katya_kindras  The Dallant


These necklaces are playful, yet very classy. You can find these in beaded jewelry books with step-by-step instructions on how to make them ‘DIY’ style. I tried making one myself, but failed - trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. Get this necklace in stores or online, while the trend is here!

Beaded Jewelry  @vasergeeva  The Dallant


Beaded hair clips

Beaded Jewelry  @viola3000  The Dallant


I consider these beaded hair clips to be a very romantic accessory and could take a few years off your age. They give you a young charm and allure, goes well with a summer dress, or with pants and a cardigan - you can style them however you want! Sold yet?

Pearl in the oyster

4-4-Beaded Jewelry  @timeless.pearly  The Dallant


Pearl jewelry deserved a mention as well, as it went beyond being classy. Pearls are more versatile and could be suitable for any occasion - from the office to brunch. I’m loving these witty versions with unexpected mixes with colors and shapes.

4-Beaded Jewelry  @shelbycomroe  The Dallant.png


Colorful enamel

5-Beaded Jewelry  @_dilone  The Dallant.png


The pioneer of this kind of jewelry is Roxane Assoulin. Getting a stalk of her bracelets is a dream for every fashionable New Yorker. I absolutely love how it looks with gold bangles - so chic!

There are a lot of variations on the market right now, from bright to more subtle colored beaded jewelry. These accessories are a must-have this summer!

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