Winter 2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Know

By Eileen Nguyen

Fall is slowly coming to an end, with the weather getting colder every day. This fall season we’ve seen fashion trends that were bringing back the old school 90’s vibes, but with classic twists to them. Now that winter is entering, it’s time to take a look at what the winter fashion trends are! 

Brown Leather

In the fall, faux leather blazers were one of the factors in fashion. However, the black color was the go-to option, leaving other colored blazers behind. Brown is a color that relates more to the fall color scheme, but didn’t make the cut for the fall fashion trend, so it’s entering the winter fashion trend instead. 

Faux leather looks provide that sleek look, while still keeping it casual. A brown faux leather moment, on the other hand, gives off a different feel since it’s a lot more warm toned and matches with anything to give off a softer look. 

brown leather


brown leather


Quilt Pattern

If you love quilts as a blanket, then you’ll love it on clothing items too! The quilt pattern is heading its way into the winter 2020 fashion trend, making its mark on different clothing items such as jackets. The patented design is created on a garment and provides a look that is more thin and looks to be lightweight. The texture the quilt pattern creates makes any garment look to be a statement piece, but it can be worked into a supporting piece varying from colors and design. 

Quilt Pattern


Quilt Pattern



This kind of fashion has been around for quite some time, and is mainly a popular style when it comes to going out for special occasions. However, it’s starting to enter into the fashion scene as an everyday kind of wear, with bodycon garments ranging from ribbed midi dress wear, to an everyday business attire look. Bodycon clothing items were created more with cotton patterns like fitting T-shirt dresses, however more and more are being produced as long knit dresses that are more looser fitting but still frame the body in all the right places. 






Fur Trim Coats

This fashion trend seems like it’s catered more towards someone who adores the outdoors, but for winter it’s becoming an everyday coat whether you’re in the city, suburbs, or countryside. Fur trim coats are exactly as the name entails, with certain areas of the coats having fur peaking through. Some popular designs of the fur trim coat you can expect to see more of are where the fur peaks at the collars and the cuffs. While it is an everyday kind of coat, the design gives off a very luxury kind of vibe. 

fur trim coat


fur trim coat


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