What I’m Wearing While Streaming NYFW From My Apartment

By Miranda Bledsoe

While it’s no surprise fashion week has and will look different this season on out, I’ve decided to create a recipe on how to watch virtually, and still feel like I’m in the atmosphere of the latest trends.  

I’m a fashion + lifestyle photographer and model living with purpose in NYC. I’ve been so grateful to attend and help over 10 seasons of NYFW and be in the midst of pure creativity.  

This season I’ll be viewing live shows from the comfort of my apartment. While I’ll miss  the usual adrenaline rush of being present at a show, being a natural home-body doesn’t have me complaining.  

I’ll be preparing my favorite snack with a cozy cup of brewed chamomile tea.

White Chocolate Popcorn

Chamomile Tea

Any pice of clothing with unique texture has me feeling luxurious and these velvet corduroy joggers are my first choice to lounge around in. Paired with these fuzzy slippers in caramel I’m ready to find a comfy spot on my couch and watch from afar. 

Luxe velvet corduroy joggers in vanilla

Faux fur slide slippers in caramel

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