Transition Pieces We Are Wearing All Year Round

By Eileen Nguyen

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, there are always essential clothing items that can be worn throughout all the seasons to create different kinds of outfits. These are considered transition pieces, where an article of clothing can be worn more  than one season. Not sure what is considered a transition piece? Keep reading to find out which items can be brought into different seasons!

Sweater Vests

From Fall 2020 fashion trends, to Spring 2021 fashion trends, the sweater vest has become one of the most blown up articles of clothing. Now that it’s all the rage, more and more styles are coming out and are making it more wearable for different seasons. 

There are more heavier knit sweater vests that make it more suitable for the colder months, but there are also lighter knit sweater vests that are also cropped to make it wearable during the warmer months. Even with the lighter knit sweater vests, it can be worn during Fall and Winter since sweater vests can also be worn as a layered piece. 




Just like sweater vests, blazers have also become a huge rave these past few seasons. While there are the standard oversized blazers that stop a little below the waist, there are also cropped blazers which make this article of clothing a great transition piece. 

The standard length blazer can be worn during the months of Fall and Winter, which already make it a transition piece. It can also be worn during the Springtime! Cropped blazers make wearing blazers more breathable during the warmer Spring days and possibly even during the Summer due to the cropped length, and some cropped blazers are made with lighter weight material so it’s more breathable. You can also style the blazer with a light and flirty bra top, or a crop top, for a more open and fun look during the warmer weather. 




Bucket Hats

Hats can be worn all year round, no matter what day it is. Bucket hats, especially, are a fun and cute way to step up your wardrobe while still keeping the wardrobe minimal. There are all sorts of designs for bucket hats making different designs suitable for each season. For example, a knit and thick fuzzy bucket hat can be most worn during the colder days and the non-knits can be most worn during the warmer days. 




Loungewear is a very versatile essential, with items ranging from T-shirts, cotton shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and even slippers. Any loungewear piece can be worn during multiple seasons, like how this T-shirt and Shorts lounge set can be worn during Fall all the way to Spring together or separately. T-shirts especially are a classic staple that can be made to worn all year round whether it’s on its own or layered with another article of clothing. 



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