These 'Oldies But Goodies' Made It Back Into Our Closets

By Lindsay Young

Ready or not, ‘90s fashion is making a comeback this year. Trends typically have a 20 year cycle before their resurgence, so it’s  time for ‘90s fashion to have its moment in the spotlight again. If you are old enough to remember the decade, you will know there were quite a few cringeworthy trends that are better left in the past, but there are a few “oldies but goodies” that have made their way out of the time capsule and are ready to be back in our closets again. 

From tie-dye to leather blazers, these totally awesome trends will have you breaking out your inner Kate Moss and feeling all the nostalgia.

Leather Blazer

Leather Blazer Gwenyth Platrow 1999 | 90s fashion trends | The dallant

Gwenyth Platrow 1999

After the release of The Matrix in 1999, leather sales soared once everyone saw Keanu Reeves rocking this trend in the film. Fast forward to 2020, where the leather jacket has evolved into shorter silhouettes like blazers, replacing the moto jacket shape, and is now made with more eco-friendly vegan leather. | Leather blazer | The dallant | 90s fashion trends

@walkininwonderland | leather blazer | 90s fashion trends | the dallant


Shoulder Pads

Just like the Dynasty reboot, shoulder pads are also making their return this year in a much different way. Shoulder pads appeared in the 1980’s and into the 1990’s bringing structure and definition to seemingly basic looks. This season saw the evolution of this style by the introduction of the padded t-shirt. This elevated look has easily become one of this season’s hottest trends with its rounded neckline, oversized shoulders, a sleeveless shape, and a muted color palette of black, white, grey or beige. It looks like, at least for now, this trend is here to stay. 

Princess Diana 1990 | 90s fashion trends | shoulder pads | The dallant

Princess Diana 1990

@nycbambi | padded shoulder tshirt | The dallant | 90s fashion trends


@smythsisters | padded shoulder tshirt | 90s fashion trends | The dallant


Wide-leg Trousers

Kate Moss 1998 | wide-leg trousers | 90s fashion trends | The Dallant

Kate Moss 1998

It was a trend people called the “power trouser” with shows such as Ally McBeal, X-Files (Scully’s suited up looks), and Sex and the City, the wide leg trouser was a more refined alternative to it’s cringworthy cousin, the JNCO jeans, back in the mid to late ‘90s. Now, the wide leg trouser has been reimagined for the new generation of powerful women. With soft pleats, wrap details, and muted colors, this trend has turned from basic and boring to bold and effortlessly chic.

@marcelies | wide-leg trousers | The dallant | 90s fashion trends


@lauren.pizz | The Dallant | wide-leg trousers | 90s fashion trends


Floral Print Dress

Jennifer Lopez 1995  | floral print dress | 90s fashion trends | The dallant

Jennifer Lopez 1995

When you think of floral prints, what usually comes to mind is an idea of femininity and elegance, but in the 1990’s the goal was to break down those notions. Usually paired with combat boots and a white tee underneath, this unique take on a classic trend eventually faded away by the early 2000’s. 2020 has reintroduced this classic print in a new and fun way by mixing bright and muted colors and typically paired with a classic tennis shoe.

@withlovelilyrose | floral print dress blue | The Dallant | 90s fashion trends


@louise.millen | The Dallant | floral print dress yellow | 90s fashion trends


Crop Top

Gwen Stefani 1997 | crop top | the dallant | 90s fashion trends

Gwen Stefani 1997

Everywhere you looked in the ‘90s, some celebrity was rocking the crop top. It was usually really really cropped and paired with low-rise pants to accentuate the idea of the crop. Thankfully, the crop has evolved in 2020 into a more chic and wearable trend. Long sleeve crop tops in muted colors and paired with high waisted jeans or shorts is one of this season’s hottest trends.

@thelamomma | The Dallant | cropped white long sleeve top | 90s fashion trends


@megdanielle | cropped cardigan set | The Dallant | 90s fashion trends



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