The Sweater Trends You Need To Know

By Eileen Nguyen

The colder months are here and that means it’s time to bust out all the knits and heavier clothing items. This fall/winter, we’re starting to see the different sweater trends that not only will keep you warm, but will step up your fashion game to the max. There are a wide variety of sweater styles that are emerging in the fall/winter 2020 season that it may be hard to keep up. Don’t worry, here are all the sweater trends that you need to know.

Sweater Vest

What once was considered ugly when we were younger, is now evolving into one of the most beloved pieces of clothing. Sweater vests are a mix of a vest and sweater, keeping your chest warm, but also allowing room for different kinds of layered styles. What’s great about sweater vests is that it can be the bold centerpiece or it could be the supporting piece to your outfit. Style a single colored sweater vest on top of a patterned button down underneath to allow the button down to shine. Make the sweater vest the topic of the outfit by wearing a plain top underneath and a patterned sweater vest on top. 

@chloehayward sweatervest


Bolero Sweaters

Bolero is a fashion term that may not be familiar to many, but essentially it is a style of clothing that is collarless and is mainly cropped with long sleeves. These were also considered not fashionable back in the day, but it has slowly been on the rise with various designs that help hug the figure nicely. 

@batninja bolero


Cropped/Cutout Sweaters

This trend has been going on for sometime since 2019, but it’s also easing its way into the 2020 fall/winter fashion trend as it seems that weather has been fluctuating from super cold to super warm. The cropped sweater variation is a style that many were hesitant about, as a ¾ moment didn’t seem essential. However, this trend allows for the basic clothing items to shine and adds a more interesting way to layer. 

@walkerkylee cropped sweater

Knit Cardigans

Cardigans are a variation of the sweater that allows buttoning and unbuttoning with ease, making room for additional styles that can be made. Knit cardigans have started to take over the fall/winter 2020 fashion trend with their cute and comfy design. Not only are there a bunch of soft knits to keep you cozy, but it can be made into any unique kind of style, especially with asymmetrical cardigans that have entered into the fashion scene. With the unique design on the cardigan, this garment can be made into a variety of styles fitting with any kind of aesthetic. 

@mayastepper jacquemus cardigan





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