Asymmetrical Styles To Watch Out For In 2021

By Eileen Nguyen

Straight and posed clothing items are no more, it’s all about the asymmetric style now! This unique detailing has been popping up all over social media, with traditional clothing pieces like cardigans and jeans being turned into asymmetrical designs. What makes this detail so intricate is that it allows a piece to take on a different silhouette on your body than the ordinary forms. It creates a unique look and vibe. 

Asymmetric Two-Way Cardigan

Cardigans have a home-y and cozy feeling to them, and can go from loungewear to a powerful boss woman look. This concept still aligns with the asymmetric two-way cardigan. Instead of having the buttons go straight down, why not have them buttoned diagonally? This versatile cardigan features buttons that can be done in two ways; straight down & diagonally across the chest.

Asymmetric cardigan


Asymmetrical Cashmere Sweater

There are various ways that a sweater can become asymmetrical. One of them being on the neck hemline, where instead of having it traditionally going around the neck as a circle, it elongates towards the end of the collarbone to add some edge. It’s like a normal sweater, just with a little spice at the collar. Another style is to have the asymmetrical portion at the ends of the sweater, creating a high-low effect but just in the front of the sweater. Although it has the asymmetric detail, this sweater is great for lounging in the house or even for more dressed up looks. The possibilities are endless! 

Asymmetrical cashmere sweater

Ruched String Asymmetric Long Sleeve Top

A unique way to create the asymmetrical effect is to have a ruche string detail. The ruche strings allow the wearer to scrunch the top to their desired length and can either tie the string or let it hang for a more casual detail. Having the ruched detail on one side of the garment emphasizes the asymmetrical effect and makes it look effortless, being able to achieve a laid back look in style.

Ruched String Top


Asymmetric Unbalanced Ribbed Long Sleeve Top

Similar to the asymmetrical cashmere sweater detail, the unbalanced ribbed long sleeve top also has an asymmetrical design at the neckline of the garment. This basic ribbed top has a lower cut, creating a very subtle V-neck. These kinds of tops are great to throw on for a casual day out, but can emphasize that it’s a high fashion look with the asymmetric detail.

Asymmetric ribbed top


Wrap Front Wide-Leg Trousers

What better way to spice up a pair of pants than with an asymmetrical design? These kinds of pants can be seen all over social media, with its unique way of buttoning up your favorite pants. They also add a powerful vibe as you strut in these trendy pants. Asymmetrical pants are a great way to create a different outfit silhouette with whatever you decide to match with it - we especially love it paired with oversized blazers for the ultimate power look. 

wrap trousers

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