Fashion Girls Are Obsessing Over These Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

By Eileen Nguyen

As we enter the last few months of the winter season, fashion brands have started to show us what the upcoming fashion trends will be for Spring 2021. Last Spring, we saw lavender tones, bucket hats, and biker shorts paired with blazers. What are the trends this upcoming season?

Midriff Flossing

Spring is all about the welcoming of the warmer months, and what better way to welcome it than starting to show a bit more skin? Flossing is not new in the fashion world, but it has started to become more popular among different kinds of tops. Flossing, for those who are not sure, are basically thin straps attached to the shirt that can be wrapped around the body. 

It’s like a wrap top, but you’re not wrapping the top, just the strings. So midriff flossing, are the strings being wrapped around, you guessed it, around the midriff area. It’s a top that can be made simple but can also be unique when you think of different ways to tie or wrap the strings around. The flossing can also just be set on the shirt and are just extra details on the shirt, so there is no wrapping involved.



Sheer Tops

Instead of fully showing your skin right off the bat, sheer tops are a great way to start slowly leaning into it.The beauty of sheer tops is the fact that it subtly shows what’s underneath, so it gives room for more detail, and layering. These kinds of tops can be seen paired with bold bralettes, or even a plain top underneath. Whatever the base layer may be, sheer tops help add that extra detail. 




Casual Suits

Suits don’t just have to be for work, they can also be worn for casual day outs. We’ve seen oversized blazers and trousers being worn together for a high fashion look, but just to go out and about. Casual suits aren’t really fitted, compared to work suits, so it seems more relaxed and free. Cropped blazers can also be paired with your favorite pair of trousers for the casual suit look. The cropped feature makes it more laid back and adds a little fun to the sleek suit style.




Corsets have been all the rage ever since the Netflix Original Bridgerton came about. Many people have started to hop onto the trend and the market for corsets have been at an all time high. These fitted garments aren’t just designed as the traditional ones that were made to cinch in your waist, but have started to be designed as just regular tops. The modern corset is made as a garment that has a cinching silhouette to it, but doesn’t necessarily have to actually be sucking in your body. 

Take for example, our corset sweatshirt. It’s a sweatshirt, so it’s made for comfort but also for style. The corset image is near the base of the sweatshirt with the silhouette of the garment emphasizing the curvature of different areas, just like a regular corset.




One of the most classic tops ever known are Polos. We know polos as collared short sleeve shirts that can also come in various materials like knits and sweatshirts. With the preppy aesthetic being a common trend, even to this day, polos are coming in hot to help fulfill the ultimate preppy look. These tops can be worn on their own for a laidback simple look, or can be worn with a long sleeve shirt, or sweater, wrapped around the shoulders for that old school aesthetic.



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