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My biggest talent is that I usually see the potential in things and places.

Sirin in the Oversized black classic blazer

Hello! I'm Sirin. I grew up In Turkey and moved to the United States in my early 20’s. People might be surprised to hear that I actually studied law and later on business management. Now I'm a content creator and blogger.


My biggest talent is that I usually see the potential in things and places. I am a really visual person without having a clear guideline in mind. This vision starts even before I start my assignments or images. During the brainstorming process, I create mood boards with images to help me visualize the abstract ideas that are in my mind.

What I like the most about being a content creator & blogger is the flexibility I have and the places it takes me. I travel a lot, and through my work, I get to make great connections with various people and could easily discover unique places or things. What I value the most are all the international friendships that I've created through the online world.

My childhood dream was actually to have a cute bakery with a little book corner. I wanted to be able to offer a hideaway place where people can read and enjoy a cup of coffee together with some sweet dishes.

My life motto now is to explore the world!


My personal fashion style is very simple and feminine with lots of straight lines. I also like to keep a monochrome color palette.

My go to outfit is definitely jeans and boots with a white T-shirt and a casual leather jacket. Usually on the weekends though, I'm in my yoga pants especially while I'm walking my dog!

My favorite fashion trend right now are bare sandals! I have so many of them. My most recent fashion purchase/ splurge are my Yves Saint Laurent Paris minimal bare sandals as well. Some fashion trend items that I foresee coming into play for 2019 are bucket hats, pearl necklaces, high waisted paper bag pants and anything pale yellow! 

Iris Apfel is the ultimate fashion queen and I get a lot of inspiration from her.

Before i purchase any item, I make sure that it fits my closet style. Every month, I donate the items that I don’t use anymore to keep my closet a bit more organized.

Some of my favorite places to shop are Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and The Line.


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