Rachel Hersey, Data Scientist & Blogger

Your "NYC's Everyday Girl" 

I'm praying velour track suits and low rise jeans don't resurface, but matching sets are definitely going to be HUGE this summer.

Rachel in the Oversized Beige Checked Blazer

Hi! I grew up in downtown Manhattan and have always been a city girl. When I was young, my family was always traveling and I spent a few years in Taiwan and Connecticut before moving back to the city to study business at NYU Stern. I interned in fashion merchandising, PR, event planning, and a few other industries before I realized that my passion lay in advertising and marketing strategy. 


What do you think is your biggest talent?
I think my biggest talent is being able to remain organized. I can't sit still until I think through and write down everything that needs to be done and how I'm going to accomplish it. This has come very handy at work where I make daily outlines of outstanding tasks and the steps that need to be taken to keep a project moving. However as my friends all know, it makes going on trips with me the opposite of spontaneous. I have a lot of fun writing up and sending out itineraries, emergency contact info, and even maps if I know we will lose cell signal haha

What do you like the most about your career? 
The thing I love most about working in advertising & media is that the field is always changing. Because tools we use are being modified and improved every day, the opportunities for data targeting in media grow exponentially. There is a lot of attention on data targeting and audience strategy at the moment so it's very exciting to be a part of a team that helps brands push boundaries and think innovatively.

How did you start blogging? 
While in school, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris and I fell in love with everything aspect of the city - the people...the parks...the bread <3 At that time, I posted about my favorite parks in Paris, how Parisian grocery stores are SO cheap, how Tinder is different abroad, and just about anything I experienced day-to-day abroad. When I returned to NYC, I was approached by Aerie to be a Brand Ambassador and help promote their new pop-up store in Soho. That sparked my interest in tying style and fashion into my Instagram and it took off from there.

What was your childhood dream? 
My family traveled a lot when I was younger so I always wanted to be a flight attendant or a hotel maid. I loved flying and I loved making my bed, so little me thought either role would be a good career path!


How would you describe your style?
My style is definitely laid back (a lot of sneakers and jeans), but brings in clean pieces like well-tailor jackets or slacks that elevate it a little. My followers know, I wear a LOT of black. The majority of my wardrobe is black tees and blouses.

How has your style evolved overtime? 
When I lived in Connecticut, my style was very girly and very much inspired by Gossip Girl (see: my headband collection). When I moved to NYC for college, I definitely shifted towards a more casual streetstyle vibe. Now that I am out of college and off in the corporate world, my wardrobe is still shifting and adapting to the slightly dressier setting.

What is your go-to outfit? 
For work or weekend, my go-to is a pair of straight-leg light wash jeans, a black tee and my white puma sneakers with my usual wrist stack (a collection of bracelets from Paris, my boyfriend, and Little Words Project).

What do you usually wear at work? On weekends? 
Thankfully my office is pretty laid back so I am always in jeans and t-shirts with flats or booties. On weekends, I like to play around more with dresses, co-ord sets and crop tops to get use of the things I can't wear in the office.

Do you follow fashion trends? What is your favorite fashion trend right now? I like to add a few trendy pieces to my wardrobe each season, but for the most part, the core of it remains the same year-over-year. My favorite trend right now is definitely all-white outfits. I don't think I could pull it off for every day, but I love how clean and elegant some people make it look.

What is one fashion trend prediction that you foresee for 2019?
It feels like everything from the 90s has been coming back into style. I'm praying velour track suits and low rise jeans don't resurface, but matching sets are definitely going to be HUGE this summer. I love the vintage vibes from a super high waisted pair of shorts and a crop top. 

Who is your style icon? 
I Love Emma Leger, Nitsan Raiter (+ all of the Sabotage squad) and Chiara Ferragni, but their style is very high fashion and does not have pieces that I could wear every day. My everyday style inspiration is @VivianeAudi. Her looks are so chic and yet very realistic for the average girl.

What is your most recent fashion purchase? 
I recently just got a really clean black "workwear" jacket from & Other Stories that I'm obsessed with. It has really clean lines and will be perfect for pairing with dresses, rompers and jeans. That was a bit of a splurge for me. I really try to buy a lot of things secondhand.

Do you have a shopping rule of thumb? 
I have a couple, but my main one is before I look at the price tag of an item I love, I set a price ceiling in my head for what I'd be willing to pay for it. Then I look at the price and if it's above that amount, I hold off from buying it.

How do you organize your closet? 
I organize first by color, then by sleeve length. I find that it creates the most visually-appealing set up. And when I worked retail, that was how we organized the sale section where all of the items are mismatched in order to make it feel more cohesive.


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