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Notes on a Purpose Driven Life 

With relationship being a huge part of my business, I try to go the extra mile. I love getting to know my clients - they're more than a transaction. They're friends.

Hi! My name is Nicki Lamkin and I am photographer and artist based out of Minneapolis, MN. I was raised Catholic in the small town of Waconia on a tree farm. Let's just say... I was definitely a "tom boy", independent and unafraid. But as I got older, sickness came upon my family and I found myself joining a youth group outside of my family's church. A relationship with God was meant to be enjoyed. Fast forward to college... I set out to become a licensed architect. I found a church to call home and a community that encouraged my talents. During my studies, I was modeling, styling shoots and exploring Minneapolis on the side. Little did I know, that God had something else for me... I now pursue editorial/fashion photography, consulting and drawing... with drawing being a large focus as of late.


Nicki Lamkin in The Dallant Ruffled black silk-blend midi dress

Nicki in Ruffled black silk-blend midi dress

You mentioned you studied architecture. Why did you decide to leave the field?
If I had it my way, I would be an architect, but after two years of study at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, God had other plans for me. After reading a book called What On Earth Am I Here For? by Rick Warren, I decided to take a leap of faith into pursuing my own business. I quit my job and dropped out of school all within a week and purchased my first camera (Canon 5D Mark iii). The reason I left school was mainly because I realized that you can be very skilled at something, but not have your heart in it. And if your heart's not in it, it's okay to step away so that you have room to pursue what sets your heart on fire. I felt I would be doing a disservice not only to myself but my clients as well if I wasn't whole heartedly invested in the work they were asking of me. Work is meant to be enjoyed. I'm not saying that work should be easy and/ or stress-free... all work should be challenging with a little stress here and there. But if it's taking away from your joy and isn't sustainable for your lifestyle, it's okay to step back so that you have space to actually pursue what brings you joy.

What do you think is your biggest talent?
I'd like to say my biggest talent is fashion photography because I've been doing it for longer and that's what people know me for, but I think I there is a lot of natural talent in my artwork. My work is commission-based as I draw homes, landscapes and botanicals. In just a a few short months, I have been invited to partake in a lot of exciting opportunities. With this being a new addition to my business, I am excited to see where it takes me!

How do you incorporate your talent for work?
With relationship being a huge part of my business, I try to go the extra mile. I love getting to know my clients - they're more than a transaction. They're friends. I love creating with purpose and intention. My artwork is custom and unique to each individual. My talent is very much in bringing people together, encouraging and inspiring. In my work, I have the pleasure of bringing treasured moments, relationships, and locations to life for people to enjoy themselves or gift to others. It's the gift that keeps giving - intentional and specific to a memory that they get to enjoy every time they look at it. And even when it comes to my photography, I have the opportunity to surprise them with not only images, but sometimes custom artwork as well.

How do you start your day?
Mornings are my absolute favorite; they're my quiet time where I get to be still and mentally prepare for what the day may hold. Most days begin at 6:30 am. I enjoy coffee in my bed as I read my devotional and journal for half an hour. Following, I go to the gym or for a walk. Around 8 am is when I start my emails, and once those are complete, work follows!

What do you like the most about your career?
There are SO many things that I love about my career... it'd be so hard to just name one. But I love that I get to be my own boss, create my own schedule, travel, build relationships with clients, and creating/capturing moments that are so specific and specific to my client.

What do you wish to accomplish through your work?
I hope to continue to travel for my work. Not only just for photography, but for my artwork as well. With that being said, I would love to begin my own publication or book that incorporates my travel, architecture, and fashion photography as well as illustrations. I would love to give the spotlight to entrepreneurs who built a business off of purpose, passion and heart. 


Nicki Lamkin in The Dallant Black Ruffled Dress

Nicki in Ruffled black silk-blend midi dress

How would you describe your fashion style?
Interestingly, my style is west coast lounge-wear inspired. My wardrobe is very designed to be minimal, chic, functional. Just like my work, my style is very intentional and specific to me as an individual.

What is your go-to outfit?
I have a huge love for sets, rompers, and jumpsuits, They're functional, can be dressed up and down, and it's simple.

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own?
My favorite piece would definitely have to be a navy blue set from free people. With a cropped long sleeve sweater and a matching high waisted pant, I love pairing it with my matte black snakeskin western boots and black belt. Top it off with a long black trench coat and it gives you a functional and super fashionable outfit that is ready for any occasion.

What do you usually wear at work?
My friends and I joke all of the time that I'm lucky because I get to wear pajamas to work... and that's because of how comfortable and functional my style is. But I usually wear a set, romper, or jumpsuit and style it based on activities of the day. With much of my time being spent on site at shoots, at coffee shops, on a walk, or at a client meeting... my outfit has to be functional and versatile.

Nicki Lamkin in The Dallant Ruffled black silk-blend midi dress

Nicki in Ruffled black silk-blend midi dress

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
I get fashion inspiration from Pinterest mainly. I constantly research concepts for shoots, and along with that comes styling inspiration as I work with various designers around the US. @mija_mija and I have very similar styles - simple but a statement.

What is your most recent fashion purchase?
I recently purchased is this set from free people in the color "sage"

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Free people, Madewell, Hackwith Design, Windsome Goods, Arlee Park, Gray home + Lifestyle, and Gap (in their body and fitness section)! 


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