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I can't wait to teach some bad-ass women how to make money doing something they love!

Hey babe! My name is Natalie Bloom and I grew up in Orange County California. I’m 20 years old and living in Downtown LA with my boyfriend and 5 month old puppy. I work in social media marketing and have my own blog, The Society Girl. The Society Girl was founded in 2017 when I decided I didn't want to put my true love of writing, travel, and fashion on the back burner any longer.

I’m also launching a new business teaching influencers, bloggers, Youtubers, etc. how to grow their own social media empire and connect with other creatives! With The Peony Collective, I hope to inspire women everywhere to follow their creative passion no matter what. I can't wait to teach some bad-ass women how to make money doing something they love!

What do you think is your biggest talent?
I would have to say executing a creative vision is my best talent. I love being able to hear a client's vision (or my own) and physically make those visions come true and create something beautiful.

That's amazing! What do you like the most about your career?
I’m lucky to be able to do this every single day as a job! I love my career because it can go in so many different directions.

Natalie Bloom in the Leopard print pajama shirt blouse

Natalie in the Leopard-print pajama shirt blouse

What was your childhood dream?

My childhood dream was actually to be a doctor or a singer. I've sang my whole life and my dad is a doctor so I was obsessed with both. I actually did go to nursing school and worked as a nurse for a year. I decided it wasn't for me and started The Society Girl.

What do you want to tell the micro-influencers & aspirational influencers?
KEEP GOING! I’ve been at it for three years and still not even close to where I want to be, BUT it’s been an amazing journey and I have seen so much growth through all my work. Every big blogger says it takes 5 years of insanely hard work, and then you get there. Micro-influencers are a hot topic right now, so don't be discouraged. I'm right there with you girls!!!


How would you describe your fashion style and personality?
My style is a mix of girly, edgy, casual, and classic. I’ve been told quite a few times I’m pretty sassy (it’s true) I have a bit of a hard shell but I’m sensitive on the inside. Don't be fooled! 

Natalie Bloom's closet

What is your go-to outfit?
My go to outfit right now is a pair of baggy jeans, a crop top, mini purse, and a tiny heel!

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?
I’ve been to over 25 countries so that's a hard one! I love the Netherlands because of the scenery, the people and the laid back and peaceful lifestyle. Greece and Italy are also in my top favorites because of the food, obviously. 

You love to travel. What are some things that you can't travel without?
For a summer trip I always have hats, tons of bikinis, sun dresses, and mules.

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?

Normally I don’t follow trends. I am loving that the 90’s is coming back in so that would be my fave trend at the moment.

Natalie Bloom's shoe collection

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
I love Urban Outfitters, Verge Girl, Topshop, NAKD Fashion, and anything from Revolve.

Do you shop online?

NEVER! I hate waiting to get my clothes and I’m weird about sizes and I always have to try things on. Plus, who likes paying for shipping?

What is a fashion trend prediction that you foresee for 2019?

I think punk style might make its way into 2019. I also think more 80’s pieces and couture tailoring will come around.

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