Minimal Outfit Ideas For Hot Girl Summer

By Eileen Nguyen

Summer is coming in hot and we’re looking forward to the outfits that all the cool girls are going to start wearing/already wearing. While the upcoming summer fashion trends seem to be leaning towards a maximalist approach, some of us still lean towards a minimal style. If you’re looking for some minimal outfit ideas for hot girl summer, look no further. 

Short Sets

When it gets hotter, it means it’s time to bust out all the short sleeves and shorts. This year, it’s all about the matching sets and what better way to hop on the trend in the summer than a matching short set? It’s great to wear for lounging, or for casual days out when you just want something easy to put on and style. For shoes, match the look with slides or a pair of your favorite sneakers. 



Cutouts and Denim

If you’re into wanting some more fun in your looks, a cutout tee is the way to go. It’s not too extravagant, but definitely a conversation starter. Whether the cutout is near the shoulders, or a slit open on the front part of the shirt, they both make for great summer tops by allowing some skin to be free. Pair these tees with classic denim shorts and sneakers for a casual look, or step it up with some loose fitting trousers and heels.



Sporty/Ultimate Dad Outfit

Get into caps this season, because they’re a great addition to a laid back everyday look. They’re especially perfect if you feel like you’re having a bad day and you think that you won’t be able to pull off a cute outfit. Well think again, because caps are here to save the day. Pair a cap with a classic tee, whether it’s graphic or plain, or even just a crop top. Finish off the look with some biker shorts, or bermuda shorts, and sneakers. Can’t forget to let those white socks show!



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