Lessons in Minimalist Dressing from BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

By Awo Jama

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is shaking up the fashion world. Fresh off the heels of a Dior AW20 campaign and having recently teased a Cartier collab, the young star is on fire. This comes as no surprise, considering that Jisoo has been serving us opulent, imaginative looks on stage and in music videos since BLACKPINK’s debut. While the idol has been lauded for her magnificent on-screen ensembles, her off camera looks haven’t yet received as much buzz. Despite this, Jisoo’s archive of subtle yet elegant outfits should serve as a crash course in minimalist styling for all fashion enthusiasts. Below are some examples of her most elusively iconic looks, many of which you can likely piece together with items in your own closet. 

Basics are your Best Friends

Whether it's with an oversized graphic tee, mom jeans, or a camel coat, Kim Jisoo is a master of crafting chic off-duty looks from seemingly plain pieces. Her expert styling just goes to show you that the solid colored tanks and thrifted Levi’s stuffed at the bottom of your drawer can go a long way, and should be given center stage more often. 

Jisoo white pants


Jisoo beige cardigan


Stick to the Classics

Jisoo’s many takes on the quintessential men’s dress shirt (her Instagram feed speaks for itself) teaches us that arming your closet with classic staples allows for endless outfit combinations. Stocking up on cardigans, blazers, and a good trench coat, all of which the star has sported in past looks, will ensure that your wardrobe remains timeless. 

Jisoo white cardigan


Jisoo button down


A Few Pieces Go a Long way

When we’re pressed for time, the last thing we want is to put together an intricate ensemble of layered pieces. By taking a note from Jisoo’s stylebook, we can cut down our dressing time exponentially, simply by reaching for only a handful of pieces. To try out the star’s formula for yourself, try teaming a longline cardigan with an oversized t-shirt, or a neutral-colored top with a skater skirt. 

Jisoo beige top


Jisoo oversized cardigan


When in Doubt, go Monochromatic

As demonstrated by Jisoo, one of the most seamless ways to look put together while adhering to minimalist standards is to simply match your hues, or get close. Not only are monochromatic fits easy to transition from season to season, but they suit almost every occasion, from nights in to business meetings and brunch dates. 

Jisoo monocrhome


Jisoo pink monochrome


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