Knit Trends That Are Universally Stylish 24/7/365

By Cynthia Li

Cable Knits

Cable knits are a winter staple. Growing up, who hasn’t owned a fluffy and thick sweater with this type of knit? The design is rather simple - the stitch produces a pattern resembling twists and textures of crossing layers. Currently, cable knits can also be used for crop tops, cardigans, and even tank tops. The versatility of this knit has expanded recently and can be seen paired with (but not limited to) jeans and skirts. 

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Knit Sets

Knit sets have become a trend due to its ability to be both comfortable and chic. They can be matched very flexibly, whether it be with a cardigan, shorts, crop top, hoodie, or even sweatpants. These kinds of sets are perfect for a casual day as they provide a relaxed yet stylish look. They can easily be worn on hot days or chilly evenings - depending on how you decide to pair the set. 

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Chunky Knits

Chunky knits provide the coziest of fashion wear. Whether you decide to wear a colorful or neutral-colored chunky knit sweater, it can be easily paired with a scarf, beret, jewelry - you name it. These kinds of knits are great to throw on for a cute, oversized look, or even a casual day. Whether you’re playing in the snow or studying at your favorite coffee shop, don’t forget to grab your favorite chunky knit sweater. 

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Sweater Vests

Last but not least, we have everyone’s favorite - the famed sweater vest. Sweater vests accomplish any type of look, whether it be pastel versus darker toned colors, or a more youthful vibe versus a mature look. They can be paired on top of a collared shirt, turtleneck, or just be worn on its own. It’s a perfect add-on to your closet as you’ll be on top of one of the trendiest fashion styles this year.

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