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Notes on Creative Autonomy

Stay curious! We can all achieve magical things. We just need to be open-minded and have the self-awareness and bravery to pursue what brings us joy!

Hello! I was born in Finland and fortunate to grow up as a third-culture kid, hopping from different countries. At the age of eight, we landed in Melbourne, Australia, and I have been based here ever since. The multicultural atmosphere, cafe culture and artsy elements of the city are elements I always gravitate towards. Most weekends are spent getting lost in one of Melbourne's many iconic laneways. Or browsing art galleries, reading fashion magazines, watching an obscure french film and blogging of course! You can read more about my blog here


How did you start your blog? 

It started almost three years ago now, as an outlet and form of creative expression. In high school, I co-created a forum with a bunch of friends; it was a space where I could chat, imagine and collaborate. I missed that kind of duality between privately creating and intimately scaling ideas, so I guess blogging was a natural progression. There is something so addictive about blogging! It's interesting to witness how it has evolved from something cathartic into a platform for change.

Katherine of Cereal Style in white blouse and jeans

What is your favorite thing about blogging? 

I love having total creative autonomy! That kind of freedom to carve your own space anywhere in the world is powerful and liberating. It takes me back to that state of childlike make-believe where anything is possible.

What do you think is your biggest talent? 

Manipulating reality. This appears in all kinds of forms, entertainment, sales, writing, marketing. As a storyteller, I try and be careful about the message I am sharing because perception can all too easily seem like reality. I want to use this skill as a force for good and always try and remain true to my values.

You mentioned that you consider yourself a storyteller. What are some topics that you are passionate about?

There are so many! I frequently advocate for sustainability, equality and positive work culture.

What was it like working in the entertainment industry and what did you learn from it?

It really is another world but not in the glamorous way that it seems! We often joke that we're in the trenches because there's so much grunt work that goes into every aspect of production. The emotional experience of creating something from scratch is an emotional roller coaster! For me, the best experiences have always involved a strong sense of comradery between crew members, no matter the mishaps you're driven by the story and in it together. I was able to witness the impact of #metoo first hand; it's incredible to see how that has shifted culture and strengthened relationships between women. I learned that if you truly believe in something, never to take no for an answer because all you need is one yes. I'm nothing if not resilient!

What are some goals that you wish to achieve with your career? 

My latest project involves empowering women to redefine success by changing workplace culture to be an inclusive and inspiring place. I'm not sure what the next chapter holds but I'm excited to find out!

What is one life advice you would give to your readers?  

Stay curious! We can all achieve magical things. We just need to be open-minded and have the self-awareness and bravery to pursue what brings us joy! Imagine what the world would be like everyone had the opportunity to pursue what they love...

Katherine of Cereal Style in white blouse and jeans


How would you describe your personal style?

Elegant, minimal, understated, sophisticated and forward-thinking. I'm always a little undone. I think that's reflected in how I style my outfits, whether it's a half-tucked shirt or an oversized jumper it has to be fuss-free.

What does fashion mean to you? 

It's a form of expression. I don't think it should be simplified as superficial when the care, detail and wear of each garment carries a story.

What is your go-to outfit?

Right now it's sneakers, cropped jeans, an oversized hoodie layered with a slouchy men's pea coat plucked from the 40's.

How did you become interested in sustainability in fashion? 

I've actually done a complete 180! I used to be known as a shopaholic, can you believe it? Ironically, after working in retail, I felt so oversaturated by choice that I wanted to narrow down and cherish pieces more. Shortly after, I discovered the Un-Fancy (The Capsule Wardrobe blog) and sustainability rolled on from that.

Do you follow fashion trends? What is your favorite trend right now?

Contrary to many sustainable bloggers, I do enjoy trends! They push boundaries and encourage people to get outside of their comfort zone. I think there are ways to reinvent trends without needing to buy the latest clothes, look at your local vintage store! Lately, I love thrifting 80's style cropped sweaters! You can give these pieces new life, while trying a new look, win-win.

Who is your style icon?

Kate Bosworth and Jane Berkin.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop? 

My Chameleon, WellMadeClothes, FishEyesFashion and Seezona.


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