Karlijn de Vries, Professional Singer

Beautiful Voice and Mind

I really want to show my followers realness. I love Instagram, but I think there’s a lot which isn’t totally true.

Hello! I’m Karlijn de Vries, a professional singer from Amsterdam. I grew up in a little village next to Amsterdam, Amstelveen. In my twenties I lived for almost 6 years in Paris, which is still the city I’m totally in love with. 

I’m living with my boyfriend and our child - our cat Joep, in Amsterdam. I’m a full-time singer, which means I’m singing lead and backing vocals with several bands and DJ’s, vocal coaching my students and working on songs in the studio. Later this year I'll be starting a new tour with one of the bands I’m singing with. 

Next to the music, I’m also working as a model and actress. I love to combine them all together.


How did you become a singer? What kind of singing do you do?

Since I was 17, I was singing in several bands. I was such a shy kid, but I loved to be on stage and always wanted to be Mariah Carey ;) Now, 20 years later I’m a professional singer. I’m singing lead and backing vocals with different bands and Dj’s in the Netherlands and also abroad.

What do you think is your biggest talent and how do you incorporate it for work?
My creativity. I just follow my heart with everything I do.

What do you like the most about your career?
I love that it’s so diverse and adventurous in a way. It gives me the ability to be my own boss and to follow my dreams.

Karlijn on stage. Photo by Jaap Bakker

You have a beautiful voice and amazing singing skills - do you think you were born with it or it came with practice?
Thank you so much for the compliment. I think I’m a very lucky human being where my voice was already there by nature. The lessons that I took after (and which I’m still taking) are helping me to grow more and more.

What was your childhood dream?
To be a prison guard (haha, really!) or to be a singer.

What kind of influencer do you wish to be?
I really want to show my followers realness. I love Instagram, but I think there’s a lot which isn’t totally true. Of course we’re all showing the nice parts of our lives, but everyone has moments which aren’t that nice. I’m having a burn-out right now for example and I’m trying to be very open about it. For me positivity, self love, sustainability and beautiful clothes are some things that cheer me up and give me energy. And that’s exactly what I’m sharing with my followers. I want to create a happy place in the world called Instagram where I can inspire people to be open about themselves and give them a dose of fashion.


Photo by Sonja Koning

How would you describe your style?
Currently Parisian, neutral tones with a little edgy/rocky twist. I love to combine two styles. A cute, white broderie dress with Dr. Martens underneath for a little rocky effect for example.

What is your go-to outfit?
A white shirt or t-shirt, jeans and my docs, all-stars or mules. When it’s colder, I layer a nice black leather motor jacket on top and I’m ready to go. Black, white and jeans is the combination I truly love.

What do you usually wear at work? 
In my business almost everything is appropriate to wear. I honestly wear everything I feel good about when I’m putting something on in the morning. In the Netherlands it isn’t always so hot, but I love to have naked legs, so that’s my go-to from May until October I think haha. 

Photo by Sonja Koning

What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
I really love the neutral trend which is going on. I think these colors are perfect for everyone and every style.

Who is your style icon?
Kate Moss!

What is your most recent fashion purchase?
The cutest little, white ’skort’ from Storets. It was from last year summer, but I finally found it on a second hand online shop. Can’t wait to wear it!

Do you have a shopping rule of thumb?
Yes, it has to be a 10 out of 10. All my girlfriends are using this rule now too. Only buy it if you’re totally in love with it and don’t settle for less. 

How do you organize your closet?
It sounds silly, but I love to clean my closet and organize it often. I change my closet when the seasons has changed, so I can pick the clothes easily. The top shelf is always reserved for the clothes I’m not wearing at that certain moment. And it’s my tic, but I fold and hang everything by color. It makes me happy when I have a pretty closet, despite the many laughs I got from my boyfriend about it haha. A few times a year I really clean my closet to see which items I’m still wearing happily and which are totally worn-out or on the little pile: not wearing anymore. I sell some of these or give them away. 

Some of the pieces I don’t wear I really can’t get rid of, because they have some emotional value. A dress I wore to the premiere of the first movie I did or a top I got from someone special. I think clothes have much more value than just to dress you. They’re showing your personality and they tell you stories.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
I truly love French brands, they give me the vibe in my closet like when I was living in Paris. I also love Zara, Asos and Mango and for my jeans Levi’s.

I get my inspiration from Instagram and really try to be more aware of sustainability. I try not to buy as much as I did before and I’m looking a lot on second hand apps like Vinted.

It’s still my dream to have my own Chloe or Chanel handbag, it’s good to keep on dreaming right? :)

What is one fashion trend prediction that you foresee for 2019?
I think the neutral trend will keep on being there, but I also have the feeling that people want more color in their lives to spice it a bit up. Looking forward to see what will come our way!


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Mooi interview babe. You’re a beautiful mind. 😘

Sonja May 10, 2019

A very good interview, Karlijn!
I’m really interested all you are doing: that’s my duty and my pleasure.
Hopefully you’ ll have a lot of succes and pleasure too. With love.

Hans Beenker May 10, 2019

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