K-Pop Idols' Favorite 2021 Winter Fashion Trends

By Eileen Nguyen

Winter is now in its prime, with January here and the temperature's starting to sink down little by little. We’ve seen some winter fashion trends appearing early from late fall into early December, with pieces like the fur coat and even the continuation of leather jackets. Now that it’s the prime time winter season, more fashion trends are popping up and some of the most well known K-Pop celebrities are wearing them to the fullest potential. 

Fur Trim Coat

These kinds of coats were a stunner in the 90’s and have now been brought back for this year's winter fashion trend. Fur trim coats are essentially coats but with the edges of the coats being embellished in fur or shearling. These variations of coats were seen on the Moschino runway, as well as Chanel. 

Taeyeon, from Girl’s Generation, is seen wearing a zebra print fur trim coat for a retro 90’s vibe. She matched the zebra print fur trim with a zebra print bag, along with a red leather skirt that has a circle chain belt, and pastel yellow cat eye sunnies. 

Taeyeon Fur Trim


EXID’s Solji also wore a fur trim coat, but in all black. Her coat has fur on the front lapels and also seems to be on the interior of the coat as well. In contrast to Taeyeon’s coat, Solji’s piece has a more edgy side to it with the buckles and the ridge side detailing on the sleeves. Solji added a pop of color to her look with a semi-neon turtleneck sweater and white jeans which seemed to be a very fitting color match to the setting she was in.

Solji Fur Trim



Bolero sweaters, or arm warmers, are a trend that has made its way back from the 2018-2019 trend. Bolero sweaters are super cropped sweaters that leave room for showing off the inner layer of your look. This trend has been seen all over social media, and all though it has had many mixed reviews, this piece is great for cozy looks that can create comforting indoor vibes.

Jisoo from BLACKPINK wore one of these fashion trends as part of her performance look. Her bolero was a distressed cream colored sweater. The distressed detail is also intricately detailed on the collar portion. The bolero sweater was paired with a corset one piece and fishnet tights that made the overall look edgy but also had a soft touch with the cream color. 

Jisoo Bolero


Jessi wore a matching bolero set, which is a common combination because the sweater can match the inner layer for a more put together look. The set she was wearing was a grey-toned camel colored set that was paired with high waisted jeans and a chain belt. Jessi’s look is a perfect example of how the bolero sweater set can be made for an everyday look but can also look chic. 

Jessi bolero


Cable Knit

There is no doubt that sweaters will always revolve back into the winter fashion trend scene, but it’s always the question of what kind of sweater? Cable Knit made it big with all sorts of different cable knit styles from small to large. Cable Knits are essentially the knitting pattern with textures of crossing layers.

Red Velvet’s Joy wore a cream colored cable knit sweater that had knits all on the side of the sleeves. Here, the knits are smaller and are braided. Paired with the sweater, Joy wore jeans and a small pearl necklace while showing off her Dior black bag.



Taeyeon from Girls Generation also wore a cable knit sweater, and the cable knit can be seen along her sleeve as well. In contrast to Joy’s, Taeyeon’s sweater has a larger knit. She wore the sweater, with what seems to be, a black skirt with a contrasting white stitch, a Louis Vuitton bag, and chunky heeled boots. 



Fingerless Armwarmer Gloves

These items are an essential for those who get cold easily, especially in the arm area. While they’re an essential part of keeping warm, they can also be a stylish compliment to an outfit. These fashion pieces come in all sorts of different materials and colors, meant for different occasions and styles.

Jennie from BLACKPINK wore fingerless arm gloves as part of her performance outfit, which had a punk rock vibe. She wore sheer fingerless arm gloves that matched the sheer multi-layered skirt. Paired with a graphic printed tube top and pigtails, Jennie pulled off a rock girl look. 

Jennie fingerless arm gloves


Nayeon from TWICE also wore these fashion pieces as part of her performance outfit, but in contrast to Jennie, it’s a glam and bedazzled look. Nayeon wore thicker glimmer fingerless arm gloves that matched her glimmer dress. The look was also paired with a matching choker and she wore black boots to complete the look. 

Naeyeon arm gloves





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