K-Pop Idols Rocking Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

By Eileen Nguyen

Spring is coming in full-force and so are the fashion trends for the season. This spring season, we're seeing fashion trends that pay ode to retro and cozy vibes, some even repeating the trends from the fall. Not only do you see the latest trends on the runway, but on some of the biggest celebrities in the world, including K-Pop stars. Which K-Pop idols are rocking the Spring 2021 trends this year? Keep reading to find out!

Casual Suits

It’s all about the laid back look, but looking chic, for Spring 2021. Casual suits are the perfect way to amplify that theme with its simple, yet bold, design. K-Pop Idols Sunmi and Bora both exemplify the chic look of a casual suit. 

Sunmi’s look is a brown colored suit paired with, what seems to be, a plain black tee. Perfect for the more early and colder days of spring, it’s a boss woman look that can’t go wrong. 

Bora is seen wearing a pink oversized suit for the Pilates S’ magazine cover. In this case, the suit that Bora is wearing gives off a more casual vibe, with the oversized look and leaving the jacket open to show off the sports bra that she is wearing.




Making its spring 2021 fashion trend debut is the classic polo. These tops are known for their classic and casual look, while also hinting a sporty touch. Idols rocking the polo look are Hyuna and Minkyung Kang from DaVichi. 

Hyuna wore a long sleeved polo shirt that had thumb hole sleeves. The bottom of the shirt is angled outwards for a design that helps emphasize the figure. Paired with long khaki green shorts and Nike socks and shoes, Hyuna styled the polo in a unique way for Spring. 

Minkyung wore a short sleeve polo paired with a classic pair of jeans and sneakers. The polo shirt she’s wearing has a quarter button up allowing room for either a more relaxed look or a more strict put together top. 



Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are seeming to become a transitional piece that has made its way through fall, winter, and now spring! These versatile tops have been seen just about everywhere and more people and designers are incorporating them into their style. Joy from Red Velvet and Naeun from April, both have showcased their sweater vest styles ready to transition for the springtime.

Joy wore a plain beige colored sweater vest layered on top of, what seems to be, a classic white button down dress. She kept the look casual with some classic dad sneakers. Naeun went for a brown toned look with a brown argyle detailed sweater vest that was layered on top of a dark brown long sleeve. She wore a lighter brown corduroy skirt and brown boots with soft fuzz on the inside.  



Cropped Jacket

It is to no surprise that cropped items will make a comeback for the warmer season approaching, but this time it’s not just cropped shirts. Cropped jackets, or blazers, have started to become incorporated into the fashion scene. Legendary idols Tiffany Young and Jessica Jung have embedded this trend into their outfits.

Tiffany is seen wearing a white cropped blazer that has a bustier detail. Paired with a matching pair of shorts that have a flare out detail, this set created a look that emphasized Tiffany’s figure and made a more elegant look with the white color. 

Jessica wore a black dress paired with a cropped denim jacket, that made for a more laid back and casual look to the black fitted dress. The cropped denim jacket seems to have oversized sleeves, which helps draw attention to the more upper portion of the look. 



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