How To Utilize Bags Into Outfits

By Eileen Nguyen

Do you ever feel like your outfit is missing something? Well, it could be that you’re missing a bag! These accessories are a great way to give your look that extra “oomph” that you’re looking for. Whether it’s a casual, streetwear, or extravagant outfit, you can’t go wrong with adding some kind of bag. Here’s how you can utilize different bags into your outfit. 

Belt Bag

If you don’t feel like carrying anything, a belt bag is the perfect accessory for you. Think of it as a more stylish and chic fanny pack. Belt bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the best part, you can always switch up the side that you want the bag to be on. So it doesn’t always have to be in the front, or the side. Where you decide to put it can change up the whole entire look. 
rosaandthecity | beltbag | thedallant
itsyuyan | belt bag | thedallant

Pop Of Color

Accessories are a great start to adding some form of color into your look if you don’t want anything too daunting. Small bags are on the rise and they are a wonderful way to make your monochromatic look into something more fun and playful. Even if your outfit is colorful, you can still add different colors to make the look stand out more. Mixing and matching colors with your outfit and bag is how you can experiment and make more use of your bags!

_mmaxinewylde | pop of color | the dallant


yina yina new york | how to utilize bags into outfits | The Dallant | Korean fashion designers

@yinayinanewyork with Kafka crossbody in cloud


If you like more basic colors, you can utilize your bags this way as well! Have an all black look? Pair it with a matching black bag to complete the bold number. Have a white bag? Pair it with an all white outfit! The colors don’t have to be exactly the same, but even if it was a different shade, it would still complete the monochromatic look. 

tayfave | mini black hand tote bag | The Dallant | Korean fashion designers

@tayfave with Black mini wristlet hand tote

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