How To Style Trousers For Out-of-Office

By Eileen Nguyen

Trousers don’t just have to be worn in the office, but can be worn on a casual day out to look chic and classy. These sleek pants have evolved into more stylish wear, with new ways to design and wear them, like wide-legs, and even asymmetrical fronts, which can be seen on Jennie from BLACKPINK. There are different designs of trousers, but how can one change up the style of trousers to wear for different occasions? Look no further, because we’re going to tell you how you can style trousers in different ways. 

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When you’re just going out for a quick trip to the grocery store, or just wanting to sit at a coffee shop to do some work, dressing casual is the way to go. Elevate your usual casual outfit by putting on a pair of trousers, instead of your favorite pair of jeans. Top if off with a white t-shirt and tuck it into the trousers to bring back your figure. Complete the outfit with some simple jewelry, like an ear cuff! It’s easy to put on so you can just wear and go.

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Trousers are one of the staples of business wear, but you can also just wear them when you want to look more chic and put together. To create a chic/business-esque look, pair your trousers with a collared blouse and tuck it in. Then pull on an oversized black blazer. Blazers are a great way to create a chic look, as the thick jacket is bold and emphasizes confidence with the padded shoulders. Jewelry is also a great way to heighten any outfit, especially with a chic look. Wear bold stud earrings, as it won’t dangle and stays in place to create a very put together outfit.

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All out glam

For all out glam, this kind of look is essentially a number that you wouldn’t normally wear, or rather a look that no one expects. You can do this with trousers and pairing it with a leather blazer. However, this isn’t just a blazer that you throw on top. This is a kind of blazer that you can wear as a top by itself, and you can cinch the waist to bring back your figure. By doing so, you’ll be creating a more elegant look. For jewelry, add some sparkly earrings! The leather is matte so adding some sparkle into the look will help add some contrast and will overall give your look more of a statement.

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