How To Style Spring 2021 Trends: Corsets

By Eileen Nguyen

Corsets of all sorts of styles have been seen just about everywhere, thanks to the popular Netflix show Bridgerton. While corsets are more commonly known as the garment that helps cinch the waist, there are more modern styles that are just meant for a statement piece. Not sure how you would style it? Keep reading to learn how!

By Itself

Corsets can be considered as a standard top, or statement piece. They come in many designs suitable for anyone who wants a unique garment. Wear the corset as a top and wear it with your favorite jeans, or skirt. Because the corset is more fitting, it will emphasize your curves. So wearing baggier bottoms makes the outfit silhouette all the more flattering.



Layered On Top Of A Shirt

Layering a corset on top of a shirt is another classic look, because it’s just like adding another top. There are corset styles that cinch the waist and emphasize the breasts, making a more hourglass figure to bring back shape from the T-Shirt. There are also more looser fitting corset styles that just act as an accent piece on top of the plain tee.



Layered On Top Of A Dress

Just like how you can layer a corset on top of a shirt, why not layer on top of a dress? The same idea goes into it, the corset being the statement, or accent, piece and adding figure back into the more looser fitting dress. Especially when the dress is white and the corset is black, it makes for a super classic silhouette. 



Casual Comfort

Corsets aren’t just your standard zip up or tie up garment, but they can also be in forms of sweaters! They are now coming in different forms and materials to replace your standard tops. Our corset sweatshirt features the line details and cinching figure of a corset, just minus the tight feeling. It adds detail to the sweatshirt and makes the sweater have more figure for that perfect voluminous silhouette. You can get all the perks of a corset, just in a more super comfortable way. 


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