How To Style Instagram's Favorite Arm Warmers

By Eileen Nguyen

It’s getting colder by the day during these winter months, and our hands and arms are one of the exposed body parts to the cold. Arm warmers have been a part of the fashions scene for quite some time, but never really was considered as a “fashion trend” until now. These comfy slip ons have started to become an important part of a look, not only for warmth, but for the style. There are two variations of arm warmers: the knit bolero sleeve sweater and fingerless gloves. These pieces have started to become popular amongst fashionistas in the social media realm and are becoming a big hit! There are various ways to style these trending pieces, and here's how.

1. Monochrome

What better way to style any outfit than as a monochrome look. Monochrome is always going to be your best bet, because you can coordinate your look just based on color. The colors of each piece don’t have to be exactly the same, as monochrome looks are just as cool with variations in shade. These kinds of looks present a clean and sleek attire. 

Super crop sweater


Super Crop Sweater


2. Tube Top

The knit bolero sleeve sweater is considered to be a staple piece, but can also be an assistant piece. This means that this top is basically helping to show off your main statement piece and in this case, a tube top. Tube tops, or strapless tops, are a simple staple but comes in all sorts of designs that can turn it into a statement piece. Layering the knit bolero sleeve sweater on top helps to add another detail to your fit, creating a “peekaboo” effect.

tube top


tube top


3. Another Knit Top

Just like with monochrome, how it’s easy to pair the same color together, pairing an item with the same kind of texture is also a feasible option. Especially for the knit bolero sleeve sweater, matching the sweater with a layer underneath that also has a similar knit design or material, is a great way to style the fashion piece. This creates the illusion of having a matching set, which makes the look more sleek, just like with monochrome. 





4. Fingerless Gloves

This fashion item, considered an accessory, is a must have during the days when it’s just too cold outside and your hands and arms need extra warmth. They’re easy to style by layering! Fingerless gloves come in all sorts of designs, such as a braided knit, making it look like it’s a part of your sweater. Wear it underneath a blazer or jacket, so it peeks through and just looks like an extension of your sweater! There is also the option of simply wearing it by itself with a T-shirt to keep your arms warm. The gloves are long, which creates the effect that it's like an extension of a top! 



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