How to Prepare For NYFW During A Pandemic

By Ana Tess

Now that NYFW dates are announced - it’s time to get dressed for the season. Over the years, street style has become a very necessary part of every fashion week, especially when influencers stepped into the game. It’s like another runway but without the lights and the music. We’ve seen a lot of overdressing, extra trending looks, & flamboyant outfits. I remember the times when Emmanuelle Alt and editors like her were wearing just all black, but in recent seasons hundreds of bloggers were dressing in trendy outfits with statement bags. 

But what would this season be like? Not as many people will travel for the shows as there are still travel restrictions. The majority of the shows are going to be online only. The list of designers has been significantly cut and some will even show collections in October. But even with all that, September is still an important month in the fashion calendar. It’s the official beginning of the season after the summer holidays, a new chapter after everything we went through earlier this year. It’s important to encourage people to celebrate beauty, creativity, and dream - because after all, fashion is to create a dream, and here is a list to help you with that attainment.

Flowy Gown

Since there's finally, a reason to dress up, please wear a gown to an online or real fashion show. It’s been too long since we haven’t dressed up for any reason, although there was no actual reason to dress up. Recently, I’ve been re-watching “The Thomas Crown Affair”, realizing that we barely have black tie events with jazz and wonderful evening dresses. It’s time to retrieve this beauty.

@tamumcpherson wearing a flowy yellow and white dress


Shiny Top

Sophisticated shine, settled glitter fabric. I wear glitter socks, but won’t mind a glitter polo or so. There's a great border in shiny clothes of being fashionable and casual, and if you're attending an online event in Zoom then only the top matters. 

@thedallant metallic top

Pointed collar metallic short sleeve top

Bright baggy suit

Russian designer Lesya Nebo started the trend on colorful suits, producing color-coded fashion stories that went viral. Now everyone from Eva Chen, to Gigi Hadid, is wearing those suits, but our local designers like Tibi, Eckhaus Latta, MNZ, and others got some cool options for your bright Fall.

@camillecharriere wearing a yellow suit


Latex pants with an oversized suit 

Inspired by Saint Laurent, this is one of the most feminine, sexy, stylish, and hype outfits of the season. If there is an evening show you are invited to, go with this option. Femininity should come back instead of sweatpants. Didn’t we have enough of them staying at home?

@ysl latex pants


Colorful silk scarf

This is literally a moment to bust out silk scarves. There are so many ways you can play with them. Wear one on your head and another as a mask. Tie it on your neck, if you are doing an online attendance. Use your scarf as a belt and play around on your suit. I also love how stylists are using silk scarves in fashion editorials for Vogue Arabia - that’s a great source for scarf inspiration.

@maria_bernad wearing multi-colored silk scarf


Turkish slippers

If you are still craving for comfort, designers invented an interesting variation of slippers - in silk and with crystal embroidery. If there is going to be any street style photographers - attention on your legs is guaranteed. Not to mention that there is no lack of comfort.

@alexachung turkish slippers


Lingerie under sheer overdress

September in NYC is still warm, and I feel that’s another reason related to our isolation days, but still provocative and trendy to go in public. Remember that there are options to get high-waisted lingerie underneath and layers of sheer fabric over. Pair this look with boots or mules. 

@emilisindlev sheer dress


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