How To Look Chic With Wardrobe Basics

By Eileen Nguyen

Clothing items can make you look extravagant, high fashion, and overall just chic. While it may look like you need super expensive apparel and fancy shoes, you actually don’t. You can take the most basic clothing items from your closet and jazz it up to make it look like a New York Fashion Week street style look. Here’s how you can turn those basics into something glamorous.

1. Black Oversized Blazer

Not only does black make you look slimmer, but it’s also just a very strong color in general. It goes with anything, and everything, allowing you more room to style. Oversized blazers are a trend that is here to stay and it is one of the best ways to dress up an outfit. A blazer with some shoulder padding adds more structure to the look, broadening up the shoulders and making you look more confident. Combine those features with a pop of color and you got yourself part of an effortless chic look. 

oversized blazer | creativeecho | The dallant


onikaa black oversized blazer the dallant.jpg


2. Leather

Nothing says chic like wearing leather clothes. It certainly seems like an unusual fabric to wear, but that’s what makes it all the more bolder. You don’t have to worry about finding super expensive leather pieces, you can find them at affordable prices just about anywhere! Not to mention that there are also affordable and eco-friendly vegan leather alternatives. Even in the summertime, wearing leather is do-able with leather shorts!

theversastyle leather the dallant.jpg


jazmauricio leather shorts the dallant.jpg


3. Padded Shoulders

As mentioned above with oversized blazers, shoulder padding adds more structure and is the key to making you appear more confident. If you don’t want to wear a blazer, you can now get the same effect with a simple t-shirt! Our padded T-Shirt is casual but extravagant. It’s subtle and lightweight, so you can leisurely walk around while you glisten in “chic”.

the_fashion_phereomone padded shoulder the dallant.jpg


theversastyle padded shoulder the dallant.jpg


4. Jewelry

Last, but most certainly not least, is accessories. More specifically jewelry, because the kind of jewelry you wear can make it or break depending on the type of outfit you wear. When wearing basic clothing items, you can wear gold jewelry to help add some enhancements to the look. Gold is a great way to pair with basics, and rather any outfit, because it’s already a statement within itself and the subtle dazzle in gold radiates a lot of fashionista energy. 

Two-way plates earrings | The Dallant

Two-way plates earrings

Faux pearl ear cuffs | The Dallant

Faux pearl ear cuffs

For earrings, you can wear these Two-way plates earrings for a larger bold moment. It’s not too big, nor too small. It adds the right amount of layering to your bold look and it certainly grabs enough attention to create a moment of chic. If you don’t have your ears pierced, no worries! Ear cuffs are also the way to go, just like these Faux pearl ear cuffsEar cuffs are also a great way to accessorize as they also bring the same energy as any earring. 

Link chain layered bracelets | The Dallant

Link chain layered bracelet

Bracelets pair great with basic pieces, especially link chains. The detailing of link chains are subtle and bold, as the link curation creates a sort of pattern to an outfit. Create a more statement piece by having a layered necklace, like the Link chain layered bracelets. Bracelets may not be for everyone, but by implementing it to your style it will help some glam to your hand. Our hands tend to be bare so spice it up with some accessories!

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