How To Look Chic At A Barbeque

By Eileen Nguyen

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means family bonding time and cookouts. Although we may be in quarantine, this is still the chance to show up and show out this holiday! Don’t know what to wear? We curated some items for you to look chic at the upcoming barbeque.

1. Padded Shoulder T-Shirt

White padded shoulder t-shirt on theversastyle | The Dallant | Korean Fashion


Back in the day, women wore padded tops to make their shoulders look more broader. The broader the shoulders, the more confident. Well this top can help make you look more confident than ever at your upcoming fourth of July barbeque. You’ll definitely create conversations and appear more bold!

2. Tie Ribbon Short Sleeve Blouse

Short Sleeve Blouse @frollein_herr The Dallant.jpg


This short sleeve blouse provides elegance to any look with its unique ribbon feature. Tie it in the front, or the back, there are endless ways to style this top. Fourth of July is also on one of the hottest days of the year, so wearing something light and airy is a must and this top does just that. Look classy while also staying cool!

3. Link Chain Necklace

Link Chain Necklace @ch.phr8ph The Dallant.jpg


You can’t forget jewelry! Link chain jewelry is in and pairing it with your outfit will give a nice accent. It can be the main part of your look, or even just the nice cherry on top. This gold link chain necklace stands out most with basics to give it the limelight.

4. Tote Bag 

Yina Yina black kafka tote bag | The Dallant | Korean Fashion


If you’re going somewhere this holiday, it’s always important to carry a bag to hold your essentials. Don’t just carry any bag, get one that will make you look luxurious and chic! This tote bag is just the right size to carry the basic essentials you need. Its long vertical design helps to elongate your look, and it’s certainly more unique than any ole regular square bag.

5. Bold Dome Ring

Bold dome ring and sheer puff sleeve blouse on Miratreece | The Dallant | Korean Fashion


Don’t leave your hands empty, accessorize! If you’re not planning on getting down and dirty this fourth of July, let your fingers have a dazzling moment of its own with the bold dome ring. Its thick exterior will catch everyone’s eyes.

6. Open-back T-shirt

Open Back Tee @jacquiealexander The Dallant.jpg


Subtle in the front, party in the back! This may just look like a regular T-shirt, but the back speaks more volumes. You can tie the back as tight, or as loose, as you want. There are different ways to tie it, allowing room for more creative looks!

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