How To Achieve The Ultimate NYC Chic

By Eileen Nguyen

Fashion comes in all sorts of styles, especially in different parts of the world. New York is one of the main cities where fashion makes its home, especially since one of the main global fashion events, New York Fashion Week, is here. The busy city filled with fashion designer outlets allows people to express themselves in all sorts of different silhouettes. There is not one set style in New York, but one thing is for sure and it’s that the busy city has made a name for itself in the fashion world and that is: NYC Chic. How you dress can really make it or break it in allowing you to look like a true New York fashionista. Want to know to achieve the ultimate NYC chic? Here’s how.

Laid Back On The Run

Of course, there are moments where people need to take a step back and run errands, or do what the everyday person does. There are also just those who prefer to wear more comfy casual clothing, but they take it to the next level allowing them to achieve the overall chic. This kind of chic is laid back because they take outfit sets and spice it up with either jewelry or some type of bag. 

courtneyvazey sweatsuit set thedallant[10].jpg


The “laid back on the run” look is for an easy going day, when someone wants to change into some fresh sweats after their pilates class. Maybe spice it up with a tie-dye sweatsuit set or a more fun laid back look. It allows for more movement, but the set makes it look put together and overall gives the impression of an organized and “always on the run” number.

Self-Made Look

New York City is the city of dreams, where anything can truly happen. The self-made look helps showcase that someone means business and that they know exactly what they’re doing. Items including blazers and trousers are their go-to look and take up a large majority of their closet. Blazers not only mean business, but they also just have an overall impression of being bold and confident because of the usual shoulder paddings that are embedded into them. Being bold and confident is key for those working in business since it helps give a more serious vibe in the office. There are different kinds of blazers that are more thin and less intimidating, but for the ultimate NYC chic, black oversized blazers and a pair of wide-leg trousers are the way to go. 

creativeecho | oversized blazer, wide leg trousers | thedallant.jpg


Always An Accessory On Hand

An outfit is never complete without some sort of accessory for the NYC chic style. Whether it’s jewelry or handbags, the true New York fashionista always has something complimenting the outfit. Accessories are a great way to spice up any outfit since it compliments the silhouette. It can either help complete a monochrome look, or add a pop of color to create a new conversation for the look. The city is also an always on the go area so people need something to carry their essentials. So why not carry them in something stylish and fun? You can never go wrong with a black tote bag.

dsuchenek accessory thedallant.


Everywhere Is The Runway

New York is home to the start of New York Fashion Week, where new collections from various designers are shown to a number of audiences. Inspired by the extravagant and enchanting moments of models walking down the runway in designer pieces, there are people who like to step out of their comfort zone and emulate the runway moment, or rather emulate the feeling of attending fashion week. 

joy_adaeze runway thedallant


This kind of NYC chic is more bold and definitely heightens a new level of confidence. For example, wearing leather and embellished items. Leather is not really a fabric many people go for, except if it’s for leather jackets but as leather pants or a leather top, some people may feel intimidated by it. The same goes for embellished or bejeweled items, but having an embellished crystal bag can really take your outfit to the next level. The runway look, or the fashion week look, helps bring people out of their comfort zones and makes them feel confident, even proud to be able to stunt on the streets in an outfit that many people don’t dare to wear.

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