Latest Fashion Trends On BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez "Ice Cream" MV

By Eileen Nguyen

Selena Gomez collaborated with BLACKPINK with their latest hit called “Ice Cream”. The fun and colorful summer music video have reached over 100 million views with 10 million likes in a span of only a few days. The excitement of the music video from their fans allowed such raving views, not only about the song but the fashion that was featured. Throughout the three minute clip, BLACKPINK and Gomez stunted some of the latest fashion trends for the world to see to enhance the sweetness and bold charisma of the girls. 


Golden chunky jewels have been on the rise as of late, especially golden chains. Lisa appeared in the music video with layers of chain jewelry, both gold, and silver. To top off the look, Lisa also wore a pearl choker that also had gold accents. Pearl jewelry has been on the rise as a dainty accent piece since the pearl emulates a touch of elegance but still has a touch of casual and fun. Pearls were also seen on Jisoo and Jennie as an earring statement. The pearls were a part of the design that acted as a sort of compliment to the cherry and heart-shaped statement earpiece. 

Lisa wearing gold and silver chain necklaces and a pearl choker in "Ice Cream" MV

Rose wearing pearl hoop earrings from "Ice Cream" music video

Crop Tops

There are various styles of crop tops, and within this music video, we’ve seen different variations. Gomez is seen wearing a bright orange polka dotted crop top that had a twist front to it. The puff sleeves on the top gave her outfit an extra flare to the summer vibe. 

Jennie also wore a cut-out crop top variation that had a graphic on it. The style that Jennie was wearing in the video is a top that adds that layers to any look, making the outfit a lot more detailed and can help accentuate other silhouettes of an outfit. 

Selena Gomez wearing puff sleeve twist front orange crop top in "Ice Cream" MV

Jennie wearing a crop top variation in "Ice Cream" MV

Black and White Outfits

This color combo is classic and always makes a bold statement. While the music video itself was full of fun and bright colors, the girls from BLACKPINK were styled in a monochromatic number that allowed them to stand out within the bright background. Lisa wore a white dress that had a sort of flap with thick black line details on it. Jisoo was full-on chic with a big black sunhat and a black and white dress with the white part of the dress having a geometric moment on the waist area.  

Rose had a Parisian kind of look, with a black beret, gingham tank top, and a black thin-lined frilled skirt. Jennie seemed to be dressed in a Chanel attire, with a small flat white flat-top hat, black cardigan detailed with white shapes, and a black bodysuit that has a white 3D flower. 

BLACKPINK wearing black and white outfits in "Ice Cream" MV


Patterns play a big part in this music video, and stripes were one of them. Gomez took part in wearing stripes at the beginning of the video with a striped swimsuit that resembled the colors of a candy cane. The candy cane colors on a swimsuit go hand in hand with the message of the song being a summer jam and playing along with the sweetness of ice cream.

Jennie wore a striped cardigan that perfectly emulated the soft and flirty vibe of the song, as well as the sweetness of cotton candy. It’s made with a fuzzy material that was pink and white, along with blush pink buttons. 

Selena Gomez wearing striped bikini in "Ice Cream" MV

Jennie wearing striped cardigan in "Ice Cream" MV

Tennis Skirts

This summer was all about fun and finding ways to go out more. Tennis skirts were a popular fashion statement that rose this season and it quickly spread into everyone’s closet. It also made its way into the “Ice Cream” music video where the girls from BLACKPINK had a tennis court scene and they were all dressed in a fashionable tennis girl outfit with a pleated white skirt. 

BLACKPINK wearing tennis skirts in "Ice Cream" MV

Link to BLACKPINK - 'Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)' M/V

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