Get Redvelvet Seulgi's Off Stage Fashion

By Eileen Nguyen

K-Pop is being recognized as a fashion powerhouse with the idols basically being models for different designer brands on stage, and off-stage. Red Velvet’s Seulgi, who just released a new song called Monster with Red Velvet’s Irene, is one of the many idols whose fashion sense grabs the attention of many. Not only are her styles always on trend, but she’s not afraid to mix things up. Want to get her looks? Keep on reading!

1. White Ensemble

Seulgi Redvelvet | The Dallant

Here Seulgi is wearing an all white attire, with an oversized puff sleeve collared blouse and matching white pants. This outfit is on trend for the summer time with, what seems to be, an outfit made out of linen material. She paired the look with a beige cap and added a pop of color with a green mini bag.

Get the look:

Pointed collar short sleeve linen blouse | The Dallant | Korean fashion

Big collar short sleeve linen blouse

2. Leather Blazer

leather blazer | Seulgi | The Dallant

Seulgi is known for her charisma and bold character on stage. She certainly gives off that presence off stage as well, like with this outfit. Blazers are a great way to style a casual outfit, and the idol presented that style in this image. However, instead of a regular blazer she went for a leather one which changes the style completely. Leather clothing items add a different presence to an outfit, somehow making it mysterious and full of confidence.

Get the look:

super oversized vegan leather blazer | The dallant

Vegan leather super oversized blazer

3. Sweatsuit

Seulgi Redvelvet | Sweatsuit | korean fashion | The dallant

Who said sweatsuits can’t be fashionable? Wearing sweatpants and an oversized sweater has become a fashion statement that can be related to streetwear and an overall casual look. It’s comfort and room for movement is a must have for idols during their practice time, as seen in Seulgi’s image. Wearing a matching sweatsuit set evokes more of a fashionable presence, especially when paired with different accessories, which is what Seulgi did with her bag and cap.

Get the look:

oversized tie dye sweatsuit set | The dallant

Oversized tie-dye sweatsuit set

4. Beige Oversized Blazer

Seulgi Redvelvet | Beige oversized blazer | Korean fashion

Wearing blazers is Seulgi’s scene, as she styles all sorts of different ones. This time she is wearing a beige oversized blazer, which has a different feel than any black blazer. Beige colored clothing items come off as more soft and like you’re ready for a casual day. She paired the blazer with a large bag that also had some beige detailing on it, so it was almost like a set made in heaven.

Get the look:

Super oversized blazer in beige | The Dallant | Korean Fashion

Super oversized blazer in beige


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