Fall Fashion Trends To Look Out For in 2020

By Eileen Nguyen

In the summer we had pastels and floral prints, ready for a picnic in a large green grass field. Now that we’re entering the fall months, it’s time to look forward to what the fall trends are. What exactly are the trends that we will be seeing this season? Here are the Fall 2020 fashion trends that we are the most excited about.

Trench Coats

Get your Matrix mood on, because trench coats are coming in this season. The long silhouette is making its comeback, especially with the neutral color palette to emulate the brown towns of fall. These are relatively a staple piece to have as they are easy for layering and add an instant city chic look. Not to mention, you can look like you’re ready to fight a hacker.

@nxima.qisa trenchcoat



Be the center of attention with metallic wear. This new trend is certainly not something to be intimated of, as this fall fashion trend is not all what you think. Metallic clothing items are not entirely super shiny like a metallic shimmer shade in your favorite eyeshadow palette. Rather it’s a subtle tint of shimmer that can be seen in different reflections of light. It’s like seeing small shiny stars in the night sky.

@colorsyco metallic


Sweater Vests

Remember when sweater vests were considered ugly in elementary school? Well now it’s becoming a fall fashion staple to achieve that preppy style. Sweater vests are known for throwing on top of t-shirts for that layered look and can be seen styled with tennis skirts. 

@peacecrusade sweater vest


Ribbed Nudes

Nude colors have become an essential color palette in basically everyone’s closet. But adding to the calm warm colors are ribbed textures. This kind of detailing is mainly found in a lot of lounge wear to give it structure, but also for a comfortable feel. The two go hand in hand, as nudes emulate the warm colors of fall, while the ribbed feature provides a comfort feeling. Together they create the ultimate fall essential.

@zarabentleyy ribbed

Sheer Tops

If you thought sheer tops were only meant for summer, think again. This fall season, sheer tops are coming in as a layered piece for that extra layered look. While the light material is easy and breezy during the summer time, during the fall, sheer tops are made a part as a sort of clothing accessory to add more detail to any outfit. 

@jeannine.roxas sheer top@jeannine.roxas in Twist front layering blouse

Ruche Detailing

Ruching detail on tops and dresses has been around for some time, but it is now becoming a fashion statement this fall. What makes this design unique is the accessible string that allows one to adjust the top as scrunched up or as loose as they want it, allowing room for different kinds of styles. 

@itsyuyann ruche@itsyuyann


This golden color matches the color of the golden tones of the trees and the fallen leaves of the season, so this color had to make its debut as a fall fashion trend. You’ll see these colors on long dresses, tops, headbands, and even handbags. It is the color that brings in the spirit of fall.

@francislola marigold

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