Fall Fashion Trends As Seen In BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls" MV

By Eileen Nguyen

K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK have released their first full album, with songs that make you feel like a bad girl, but also hitting you in your soft spot. While they were featured in a song with Selena Gomez, they also have a song that features Cardi B in their album. The girls from BLACKPINK are not only known for their bops, but for their mesmerizing fashion sense. They recently released a music video for one of their new songs, “Lovesick Girls”, and it showcases the girls in some of the trendiest fall fashion items of 2020. To find out what they are, just keep reading. 

Leather Jackets

The colder weather is starting to hit hard this year and leather jackets are a hardy piece that amps up a classic outfit while blocking out the cold fall wind. Leather jackets are a way to signify edgy-looks, like rebels, as that’s how it’s usually glorified in the media. In BLACKPINK’s music video, that’s exactly how it was portrayed as well. 

Rose Leather Jacket - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls

Rose and Lisa were the ones who were styled in leather silhouettes, and they were also the two who did the most destruction in the video. We first spot Rose in a leather jacket number when she’s sitting on the window sill. It then turns into Rose breaking a guitar, showing rebellion and anger. 

Lisa leather jacket - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls

Lisa wore a leather bomber jacket that had some small bedazzled moments, and what seems to be, embroidered lettering on the back. We see Lisa wearing this when she’s hammering and smashing a car’s windows, again, showing rebellion and anger. 

Cut-out Sleeve

This kind of trend plays along with the “rebellious” and “edgy” look, but it can also be considered an elegant detail depending on how the clothing item is worn and portrayed. In “Lovesick Girls”, since it’s a rather bad girl vibe, the cut-out sleeve is going to be portrayed as an edgy vibe. This style is seen on Jisoo during one of their dance numbers. She wore a teal T-shirt with one side of the sleeve having a cut-out. It was a small detail but made all the difference when it came to the theme of the song and video. 

Jisoo Cut out sleeve - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls

Preppy Plaid

The preppy style started to emerge around late summer but has made its way to the fall season with sweater vests. There is a distinct design however that has made a comeback since the early 2000’s and that is this sort of larger quadrilateral design with dotted lines across them. We see this style first on Lisa in the beginning of the music video. 

Lisa sheer plaid - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls

She wore a sheer kind of top but had the preppy plaid design layered under a kind of corset. We then see the style again on Lisa again, as well as Rose, during their market raid scene in the music video. Lisa wore a green cropped blazer that had the preppy plaid design paired with bedazzled jeans. Rose was styled in a pink and more flirty kind of outfit with the plaid design, as she wore a cropped cardigan and skirt. 

Lisa plaid green - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls
Rose plaid - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls

Chunky Shoes

Shoes are also an important addition to any outfit and can really make it or break it in terms of the combination. As mentioned previously, the theme of “Lovesick Girls” is essentially a rebellious love moment and what better way to pair the girls outfits than with chunky shoes to fit the theme. The thick sole at the bottom allows a platform, not just for height, but for stomping with stabilization. Chunky shoes really pack a punch. 

Rose chunky white boots - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls

These kinds of shoes can be considered as platforms but what makes them different is the ridging at the bottom, considering them as not just platforms but as thick sole ridged shoes. We see these footwear on all the girls, during one of their dance breaks, and also on Rose and Jisoo. Rose wore white chunky boots during their first dance break and Jisoo wore black chunky shoes during her solo scene when she was running. 

BLACKPINK chunky shoes - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls
Jisoo Chunky Shoes - screenshot from MV Blackpink Lovesick Girls



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