Essential Menswear Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

By Awo Jama

During the gender revolution we find ourselves in, being confined to traditional expectations of how our gender should dress has become a thing of the past. With this newfound freedom, more and more women are venturing into the men’s sections of their favorite thrift and high-street stores to find pieces in silhouettes that have become the mainstream. If you have been feeling a similar urge to revamp your wardrobe with some tried and true menswear basics, look no further: below are some easy to find staples that you can start incorporating into your closet.

Oversized Blazers

Perhaps one of the most popular menswear basics as of late, oversized blazers are as versatile as they come. Pair one with virtually any outfit and you’ll find your look instantly elevated. For a dressier approach to styling this staple, pair it with some trousers, a bralette top, and heels; for a more casual look, simply swap out the trousers for mom jeans and add a graphic tee and your favorite sneakers. If a long-sleeved blazer seems too stuffy for this summer heat, try pairing our Viral oversized short sleeve linen blazer with some light colored pants and sandals; a midi skirt could also work to dress up the look further.

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Button down shirts

If you’re looking for a more seamless way to experiment with layering, you need not look further than the button down shirt. Thrown on over a basic outfit, an oversized men’s shirt can simultaneously serve to add a streetwear edge to your look while functioning as a jacket-substitute for chillier days. The styling options for men’s button downs are also endless; you can opt for a half-tuck, full tuck, button your shirt up halfway, or wear your shirt completely open, depending on the outfit and your personal tastes. For an effortlessly chic look, leave a few buttons undone and wear your shirt tucked into some light wash, straight leg jeans with layered gold necklaces and square-toe heels; our Gentlewoman padded shoulder pleated shirt would be a perfect fit for this outfit.

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Carpenter pants

While carpenter pants might not immediately come to mind when thinking of everyday menswear pieces, they certainly should be included in your list of essentials. Their utilitarian look makes them perfect for running errands, tackling outdoor projects, or just staying at home. If you’re going for a more comfortable look, pair them with a sleeveless white crop top and high-top Converse; if you’d prefer a bit of glam, add on a plaid blazer and swap out the Chucks for some ankle boots.

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Another menswear classic, a well-fitting pair of trousers can add instant elegance to the most nonchalant of outfits. As an added plus, the variety of materials you can find trousers in makes them suitable for any season; wool trousers can complete a cozy winter outfit, while linen ones can offer some coolness in sweltering summer heat. For a timeless look, team a neutral-colored pair of trousers with a turtleneck in a similar hue and some black loafers; our Marais wrap front wide-leg trousers can help you achieve this Audrey Hepburn-esque fit.

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Polo shirts

Like a good button-down shirt, a polo offers endless styling options depending on the look you want to achieve. If oversized enough, it can be worn as a dress and paired with crew socks, chunky sneakers, and your scrunchie of choice for a more feminine take. For a more androgynous look, jump into some baggy jeans and let the shirt drape over them. Looking to play with silhouettes even further? Try thrifting your polo and cropping it at the length you prefer for a 90’s throwback look.

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