The Dallant Girls are our inspiration.

Dallant [duh-lahnt] is the phonetic spelling of the word “talent” in Korean. We are all born with distinct talents that set us apart from others. It is then up to us to discover our talents and to make good use of them throughout our lives. 

The Dallant Girls are real - you can spot them grabbing a cup of cold brew at your local coffee shop, rushing to her 9 to 5 job on the metro, stretching next to you in Pilates class... etc.

Think of them as the city’s cool girls who are confident, independent, and stylish. They are passionate about expressing themselves through their work and personal style. They each are unique, but all have one thing in common – they recognize the distinct talents that they've been gifted with and make creative use of them to paint the world into a better, more colorful place. 

Peek into the inspiring lives and closets of The Dallant Girls here!

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