Carolina Malis, Freelance Content Creator

Just show your talents. Never stop creating and be ready to work. But mostly, HAVE FUN while doing it.

Hi! I'm Carolina, a Brooklyn based freelance content creator originally from Chile but living in NY for almost 6 years and counting! I'm an entertainment & communications obsessed human being. From music to fashion, beauty, movies, theatre, musicals, and more. I crave learning new things on the regular - yep, a very gemini gemini over here - and love creating new content based on those new learnings. I moved to NY in search of the opportunity of turning that passion into a way of living, and that's what kept me here after so many years. 


How did you get into K-pop and K-beauty? 

Actually, I first got into K-Dramas. I watched Boys Over Flowers back in... I don't even remember what year it was, but I fell head over heels for K-Dramas. When I moved to NY, I started seeing the skincare brands the actress used on the dramas in. In an attempt to accomplish their dewy-healthy skin, I started trying K-Beauty products. For the first time in my life, I saw skincare actually working on my skin. I saw real results and I started sharing my experience with it on Instagram.

K-pop idols are the faces to many of these brands, so that's how I started learning about some of them until one night I went down the Youtube-rabbit hole and watched MV's non-stop for hours. After that day, there was no coming back.

Carolina Malis in The Dallant turtleneck sweater and mock sweater scarf

Carolina in Wool-blend turtleneck sweater

Have you been to Korea? 

Sadly I haven't yet, but absolutely planning to do so as soon as I can!

What is it like to be a freelance writer? 

It has both the good and the bad. As a freelancer, you can manage your own schedule, which means the puzzle is in your hands and you can fit things however you want/can. But at the same time, it means proving yourself non-stop. There are millions of freelancers out there, and you have to stand out in order to get the gig. It's a lot of 'No's' and just a few 'Yes's'.

What do you do as an on-camera host?

I mostly do interviews with K-pop idols. As a host, I guide the conversation so that they can feel comfortable opening their hearts to the audience.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The opportunity to create new things daily. There's nothing better than a finished project, that being a video, a story, a photo, an interview... love that moment when after all the struggles, you come up with a full new creation.

How did you find your niche and decide to write about Korean culture?

When I found I liked all these Korean things, it was hard to find more information on them. That's why I used Instagram to spread the word and also reach out to other people with the same interests. That was when I realized that there were way more people than I thought that were interested in Korean culture and entertainment. So I started using my creative outlets to spread the word!

Carolina Malis in The Dallant turtleneck sweater and mock sweater scarf

Carolina in Wool-blend turtleneck sweater & Mock-sweater shawl scarf

How did you start developing your presence on social media?

To be honest, and even if this can sound like the biggest cliche, it was by being myself. In the beginning, I tried to create content similar to the rest of the "popular" content creators. But it wasn't until I actually started doing what I really wanted using my own language (both creative and literally speaking), that I started building an audience. I started interacting with those who followed me and that's when I fell in love with live streaming. I loved being able to engage with people real-time.

What is one advice you'd give to girls who want to work in your industry?

Don't sit down and wait. Nowadays, jobs are not only on platforms. Whatever you want to do, do it before you start calling it a job, because having something to show is way more important than who you are, where you come from or what your degree is. I've learned the power of portfolios, that could be your Instagram, a blog, a YouTube channel or whatever - just show your talents. Never stop creating and be ready to work. But mostly, HAVE FUN while doing it. If you are trying to get into it just because of the perks of it, you're going to have a really hard time. It's great and worth it only if you like both the journey and the result. 


How would you describe your personal style?

Mmmm.. this is a hard one, but maybe something similar to norm-core. I like very simple, slick clothes. Not so much into prints but more into shapes. Love the combination of sporty and elegant - it's a go-to for me.

What is your go-to outfit?
Cropped jeans, FILA sneakers, a white T-shirt, statement blazer.

Carolina in The Dallant turtleneck sweater and mock sweater scarf

Carolina in Wool-blend turtleneck sweater & Mock-sweater shawl scarf 

What are your thoughts on K-Fashion?

It's my favorite, to be honest. I think my style is very similar to the trend going on in Korean Fashion, and that's why I like it so much. I think the future of Fashion is already happening in the streets of Korea, and love seeing how the world is finally taking it in.

What is a favorite fashion item that you own? 

As I mentioned before, I'm a very gemini gemini, haha. So choosing favorites it hard. But if I had to choose something, I'd go for a black and white matching tweed set I recently purchased.

What is your most recent fashion purchase? 

A black faux-fur long coat. I feel royal in it.

What is the Winter 2019 fashion trend that you are the most excited for?

Combat boots with everything.

Who is your favorite K-pop star?


Favorite K-pop song at the moment?

At the moment I'd say Lion by (G)I-DLE


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