Bringing NYFW Trends Straight To Your Wardrobe

By Cynthia Li


The adobe hue - defined as a warm, sun dried clay color - appeared to be the most popular neutral tone for 2021. The appeal of this earthy toned color lies in its versatility to be worn on its own as an asymmetric unbalanced ribbed long sleeve top, or paired on top of any outfit. You can wear it as knitwear, or outerwear such as an adobe trench coat. Feel free to even add an adobe tote bag on top of your outfit! 

NYFW Adobe 1


NYFW Adobe 2


NYFW Adobe 3


Just Bundle

One of my favorite trends is the “Just Bundle” fashion statement. It is the idea of wearing a lightweight summer top with the addition of a large, striking coat, like an oversized vegan leather trench coat on top of it. A popular fit is pairing a crop top underneath a puffer jacket - typically posed with the jacket sliding slightly off the shoulder. Ultimately, this outfit provides a chic yet comfortable look. 

NYFW Just Bundle 1


NYFW Just Bundle 2


NYFW Just Bundle 3


Cream on Cream

Many consider the cream on cream trend as one of the most minimalistic, yet sophisticated trends. It involves wearing layers of cream or ivory pieces for your whole outfit. There are numerous approaches to this trend - a knit sweatsuit set in oat, turtleneck knit bolero sleeve in ivory on wide leg pants, crop top and cardigan on jeans - the pairings are all up to you and how you choose to style this look!

NYFW Cream 1


NYFW Cream 2


NYFW Cream 3


Wide Leg Pants

Finally, we have a trend that you’re probably seeing all over social media - the wide leg pants. Switch over from those tight skinny jeans and free your legs with this comfy, yet stylish wide silhouette. These pants come in different colors, patterns, and materials; they range from monochrome stripes or varicolored plaids, to fabrics made of denim or cotton. You can easily pair these wide leg trousers with a t-shirt or hoodie. Better yet, you can “just bundle” it with a crop top and killer jacket.

NYFW Wide Leg 1


NYFW Wide Leg 2


NYFW Wide Leg 3


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