BLACKPINK's 'How You Like That' Outfits You Can Wear Now

By Eileen Nguyen

In merely 24 hours, Korean Girl Group BLACKPINK has broken three world records for their new music video ‘How You Like That.’ After about a year since their last comeback, the girls have released a song that’s upbeat and contains multiple genres of music. Not only is their song iconic, but their outfits in the music video have made an everlasting impression on viewers. Want to get their look? We’ve curated some items based on each member’s looks throughout the music video so you too can be a ‘boss bish.’


Blackpink Lisa How You Like That outfits | The Dallant

The first member to step into the limelight in the music video is the dancing powerhouse, Lisa. One of her most ‘in your face’ moments is when she begins to sing her line ‘look at you, now look at me.’ During this part, she wears an all white attire that matches the overall charisma and confidence she is embodying. She wore a white cropped vest on top of a fuzzy cropped white tank. To complete the winter like attire, she wore high waisted jeans that had fringes on the side which helped add character to her dancing.

White vest

White vest | nastygal

White pants

zara white denim | Korean fashion


Blackpink Jennie how you like that outfit ideas | The Dallant

Next in the music video appearance is Jennie, who is a fierce and charismatic rapper. An interesting outfit she wore was during the first chorus of the song. She wore a cropped denim top that had a sort of wrap feature. The top appears like a denim jacket, but there seems to be a ribbon aspect on it which allows the top to look the way it does on Jennie. She also wore a bold silver chain necklace, which helped to compliment the bold look Jennie was emulating during her part. 

Denim top

zara denim top

Silver necklace

silver chain necklace


blackpink how you like that outfits jisoo

Embodying both a damsel in distress, as well as a confident independent gal, Jisoo had outfits that defined these characteristics. In her first appearance in the video, she is seen wearing a cut-out sleeve dress. This allowed for a very rustic and laid back appeal. One of Jisoo’s most iconic moments was when she was wearing an all red number, casually sitting in a chair while there were candles burning in the back. This moment amplified her transition from feeling down to feeling like a boss. 

Cut-out top

cut-out sleeve black longsleeve top | The dallant | Korean fashion

Red dress

red knit dress asos


blackpink how you like that outfit rose

blackpink how you like that outfit rose

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the main singer Rose. In her first appearance in the video, she is seen wearing fingerless knit gloves wrapped in a chain detailing. This moment in the video allowed viewers to see her as if she was trapped and cold. Adding to the denim moment in the music video, Rose was also seen wearing denim pants. Well, they’re mainly shorts that coordinate with the other cut on her lower legs. They are two toned, which matches the theme of how the girls switch two moods: feeling vulnerable and feeling powerful.

Fingerless gloves

fingerless gloves | the dallant | Korean fashion

Two-tone jeans

high-rise two tone jeans | the dallant | korean fashion

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