Best Outfits To Spend Fall In Upstate

By Ana Tess

Many of us are still working remotely, therefore are moved out of town. One of the most popular destinations for New Yorkers is Upstate, NY. If you are not familiar with this region, it has a bit of a different climate zone, much colder than the city. Some towns are located high in the mountains or deep in the forest, with wildlife all around. You don’t want to be like Carrie Bradshaw, who came to Upstate wearing high heels, cropped top, and shorts. To enjoy the beauty of Upstate, you need to be prepared, and here is what you should wear.

1. Cable knit sweater with a high neck

Mornings are wet, foggy, and chilly. If you’d like to go outside for a pleasant walk, it’s better to get dressed in something big and warm. Layers are a key for Upstate as it gets warmer during the day. 

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2. All denim look with a neck scarf

This is a classic Ralph Lauren look, especially with high knee boots. Although denim is considered workwear, as the roots are saying, you wanna wear it because those pretty looking wooden fences around can leave splinters. Go with straight cut high rise jeans as they would look perfect with a denim shirt and leather belt. You are also good to ride a horse in this outfit.



3. Wellington boots

When it rains, you can’t wear your sneakers like in the city. Mud will kill any kind of boots, except rubber. Old school Hunter boots or any analog is a must for Fall in Upstate.



4. Layers of sweaters

Do an underpinning, turtleneck over it, then cardigan and one more sweater/sweatshirt/jacket for good measure. Layers should be in a monochromatic palette. Wear a thinner layer first and move towards more chunky fabrics by the end. If you are aiming for colors, put either a turtleneck or upper layer in printed fabric/vibrant color.



5. Nylon bucket hat

Fall isn’t as cold in New York State but it could be rainy and windy. A water-resistant bucket hat would be an appropriate accessory for the season. It’s very practical as it could just dingle on your neck if the weather changes.



6. Fleece jacket

This clothing item can easily migrate into your winter wardrobe. Everything must be cozy and comfy as you are moving a lot in Upstate - either hiking or gardening or just walking around your house. 

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