Annette Tang, Social Media & Website Director

Even though I work from home, I don’t like to treat it like I am. I still always get up, shower, do my makeup and get dressed.

I’m Annette from The Versastyle. I’ve been blogging/instagramming for awhile and my followers know me for my monochrome vibes. 

Annette Tang in The Dallant Vegan leather belted overshirt jacket

Annette in Vegan leather belted overshirt jacket


What did you study in school and how did you start your career in fashion? 

I actually studied Criminology, Psychology and Social Behavior at university. I originally planned on going to law school or working in law but at the end of the day I think fashion is my second nature. Since my mom and aunt were both designers, I grew up watching fashions shows and reading Vogue magazines.

To pursue the industry, I got a job at a footwear company as a doing sales and product analysis which allowed me to work closely with both sales and product development. Over time, I eventually learned both sides of the business and took over designing. I oversaw the Product Development department and a team of designers.

After designing, I spent a little time as a fashion editor for an online magazine.

What is your main job now?

Currently I manage websites and social media for various brands. It’s fun because I get to do a variety of things I love. There’s the creative part of course with photography but also being able to work on analyzing sales and building a website is something I find really satisfying.


Annette in Vegan leather belted overshirt jacket

How did you come up with the name "Versastyle"? 

It actually a play on the word “versatile.” I’ve always been about wearing outfits from day to night or wearing a jacket or shirt 20 different ways. In college, I would have a daytime look and then add some jewelry and change my shoes and have a whole new outfit so my friend would joke that’s “versastyle.”

What is your main objective behind your Instagram account & blog?

It’s always been a creative outlet for outfits and photography for me. I love getting dressed and sharing my favorite looks and pieces I’m currently loving. The photography part is something I get obsessed about. I actually enjoy being behind the camera more and can spend an annoying amount of time shooting something as simple as a donut. I just find it oddly satisfying. 

How did you start developing your presence in social media? 

I started several years ago after I had a blog. Instagram was just getting big and it just made sense. I made it a point to post everyday, build a community and just be consistent. And as I kept on posting, the monochromatic theme just organically happened.


How would you describe your personal style? 

It’s an off-duty/on-duty style. It’s a mix of causal pieces like tees and hoodies styled with blazers or jackets. I love mixing high and low pieces too. At the end of the day, I just always like to be put-together.

Annette in Vegan leather belted overshirt jacket

Annette in Vegan leather belted overshirt jacket

Love your monochromatic theme! How do you feel about wearing color? 

(Laugh out loud) I look ridiculous in color. I think I honestly felt like that since a kid. I remember in kindergarten my mom made me wear a sweatshirt and pant set that was dark red/pink with teal polka dots. I cried all day.

I’ve gone through moments of wearing certain colors for a pop but at the end of it, I always got over color quick and would sell them or gave them away so it just like a waste of money. I much prefer black, white, grey – camel/tan when I am in the mood.

You mentioned you work from home a lot - what do you wear? 

Even though I work from home, I don’t like to treat it like I am. I still always get up, shower, do my makeup and get dressed. I do love to try out outfits that I have in mind and there’s been times I have changed multiple time a day. My go-to currently though is faux leather leggings and oversize tee.

Do you follow trends at all? 

I do but I don’t let them dictate everything I wear. I am also careful to pick trends that have some longevity and also actually look good on me, fits with my style. 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop? 

I love the usual Zara, H&M, Nordstrom and high street spots but I also love boutiques with a cool selection like The Dallant. It’s really about finding perfect pieces for me with a cool fit – which up until more recently was hard to find so I used to also shop in the mens department a lot.

What do you think about when you make purchases?

I always think about how often would I wear an item and how many ways can I style it up. If I can’t wear it in 20 ways, I think twice about buying it.

What is your go to outfit? 

Jeans or faux leather leggings with tank top and black blazer. Shoe choice – heels, boots or sneakers - is dependent on my mood and vibe.

What is one fashion item that you've worn the most often? 

Hands down, blazers. I love them with jeans, shorts,  skirts, dresses, leggings, you name it. They just complete an outfit and always make you look put-together, confident, like you know what you are doing.


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