5 Trends You Don't Want To Miss This Summer

By Sofia Solis

This summer is definitely going to be a different one. And while you might be staying at home for most of it, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay updated with the latest trends.


Ah linen! Linen is trending every summer, since it’s the best fabric to wear during those hot summer days to stay cool. Linen is being offered in many more ways than ever before. A wider variety of colors is now available. Before, only classic cuts and designs were available in linen, now there’s a lot of trendy designs you can pickup at the store. 

Linen Blazer Trend_zahraahazmi_The Dallant


Linen Blazer Trend_lilyisabellaclark_The Dallant




Two things you should definitely have in your closet this summer are an oversized linen blazer & linen pants.

Padded Shoulders

We have already seen padded shoulders slowly making a comeback. But, it is hard to picture padded shoulders without picturing a hideous 80’s suit. But padded shoulders are here to stay, and they look nothing like that 80’s suit you’re thinking about right now. We’re seeing padded shoulders in tanks, T-shirts, blouses, blazers, sweaters and even dresses.

Padded Shoulders Trend_@joryckty_The Dallant


Padded Shoulders Trend_@moniqaaaa_The Dallant .png


Padded Shoulders Trend_@moniqaaaa_The Dallant .png


Bermuda shorts

Yup, you read that right. Bermuda Shorts that hit just above, below or right at the knee are an it item this summer. Especially linen bermuda shorts. You have two options when it comes to the fit: loose or tight. And according to that, you can style your bermuda shorts with a matching top, a blazer, a bralette, a fitted top… there are so many options!

Bermuda Shorts Trend_@sunnyysideup_The Dallant .png


Bermuda Shorts Trend_@iamzoefoster_The Dallant .png


Babydoll dresses

We have been seeing this trend all over social media since March… Cecilie Bahnsen is the designer who made this trend popular. She is a danish designer who focuses on femininity. You can find babydoll dresses at every price range. Cecilie Bahnsen dresses retail for over $600, but Danielle Bernstein just launched her brand at Macy’s and you can find the babydoll dress for $59.

Babydoll Dresses Trend_@sen.tian_The Dallant .png


Babydoll Dresses Trend_@elle_ferguson_The Dallant .png



Bralettes were seen all over fashion week SS’20. You can wear them below a cardigan or blazer, as a top or as part of a set. There are many different styles on the market, so you’ll definitely find one you love.

Bralettes Trend_@maggie_mccormack_The Dallant .png


Bralettes Trend_nitsanraiter_The Dallant .png


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