5 Summer Fashion Trends As Seen On K-Pop Celebrities


Summer is here and it’s hotter than ever. Not just with the heat, but with the upcoming summer fashion trends that people will be searching for. When looking for the newest fashion trends, we tend to look at designers, influencers, and celebrities not just in the states but also in Korea. Korean fashion trends are one of the biggest influences in fashion with the popularity of K-Pop and the fashionistas at Seoul Fashion Week. K-Pop celebrities, especially, are one of the trendsetters that help to set the scene on what is in, and what’s not. Whether they’re on stage or off stage, K-pop stars seem to never fail in the fashion department. 

With summer coming along, what fashion trends will we see on K-pop idols? These are five summer fashion trends as seen on K-Pop celebrities. 

Linen Collared Shirt - Seulgi from Red Velvet

Linen collared shirt, seulgi from red velvet | The Dallant


Linen fabric is light, which helps make it easier to wear during those brutal hot temperatures. Creating this fabric into a collared shirt will help upgrade your look from simple to chic, while maintaining your cool. Short sleeved, or long sleeved, having a linen collared shirt is a must have this summer.

Get the look:


Big pointed collar short sleeve blouse

Scarf Tops - Hyuna

Scarf tops by hyuna | The Dallant


Utilize any fabric material you have and create it into something new! The scarf trend has been going around, and K-pop celebrities have also caught on. Wearing a scarf as a top emulates the feeling of a flirty and fun look, which is most certainly the vibe many people are going for summer 2020.

Tied Back Tops - YooA from Oh My Girl

tied back tops by yooa from oh my girl | The Dallant


An enchanting look can be made with tops that have a tying feature. This detail adds more functionality to an outfit and makes a plain top look more interesting. There are so many ways to tie the ribbon feature so there are multiple ways to create a different look.

Get the look:

cropped back ribbon tie tshirt | The Dallant

Open-back ribbon tie cropped t-shirt in white

Puff Sleeves - Yoona from Girls Generation

puff sleeve top by yoona from girls generation | The Dallant


This new trend is storming into summer 2020 with various clothing items adding a puff feature. The cloud like detail creates a conversation and certainly makes it the primary statement in any outfit. Puff sleeve tops are a trendsetter whether they’re short sleeved or long sleeved.

Get the look:

sheer puff sleeve blouse top | The Dallant

Sheer puff sleeve top

Vests - Jennie from BlackPink

black vest by jennie from blackpink | The Dallant


Vests are definitely a concept that many people haven’t hopped on. However, vests have been seen for a long time within the K-pop style. Now they’re becoming the latest Korean fashion trend, and even summer fashion trend. Its versatile wear can be a statement on its own, or even paired with another top.

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