5 Reasons Why Florals Aren't Just For Spring

By Beatrix Paterson

We all know the infamous line from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ - “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” But even if Miranda turned up her nose at them for being too cliche, my mom has always said that ‘flowers are food for the soul’. And who doesn’t want to wear clothes that make them feel happy? Flowers bring me joy, clothes bring me joy, combine the two together and it’s like putting on a little ray of sunshine. In a world that is so often harsh and aggressive, sometimes it is rebellious to be soft and calm. I am a firm believer that florals should have a permanent place in our wardrobe - cliche or not - and it seems like K-fashion agrees.

Summer Midi Dresses

As the temperatures near the peak of the summer heat, floral dresses are one of the best ways to keep your cool. Not only from the heat, but from the craziness of the world around us. Nothing says casual and ladylike elegance like a floral midi tea dress.

iamjanaackermann | floral dress | The Dallant


_imyour_joy | red floral dress | The Dallant


sachletap | floral print dress | The dallant


Short And Flirty Sundresses

If you’re in a more fun and flirty mood, then a floral mini-dress is the perfect option. Easy to throw on to instantly lift your mood. You can style it up with kitten heels and a leather or rattan bag for a day date, or keep it more casual with trainers and sunnies.

mulbada | short and flirty floral sundresses | The dallant


rockchaeeun | floral print sundress |The Dallant


Shirred Tops & Dresses

It seems like floral shirring is everywhere this summer. If you want a trend that can accommodate any food baby you throw at it whilst still looking good, this is the one for you. It makes dresses and tops unbelievably comfortable because they fit and adapt to your curves all day long.

sofiaelhaj | shirred dresses | The Dallant


1993kg | The Dallant | shirred tops


Long Sleeved Dresses

When temperatures start to drop again as we near fall, floral dresses are a perfect way to bring some joy into our shorter and darker days. Opt for a midi dress with longer sleeves for an easy elegance to carry you through whatever the fall may throw at us.

yewon0714 | The Dallant | long sleeved floral print dress


beige floral print midi dress | The Dallant


The Perfect Combination

Florals and oversized blazers. Need I say more. If you find florals on their own a bit too girly or not modern enough for you, this is a good solution. Paired with a sleek, monochrome, oversized blazer, florals can be instantly elevated to ‘cool girl’ status.

mulbada | The Dallant | Floral print top and oversized blazer


yonipai | The Dallant | Steve J & Yoni P | Korean designers


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