4 Trendy Ways To Wear Your Favorite Shorts

By Ana Tess

Herringbone Bermuda Shorts Trend from The Dallant

The Bermuda Short is one of my favorite summer trends and it has a long historical past that's interesting to note.

The story begins back in the early 1900s when Bermudas were considered to be a casual element of the young boy's wardrobe. Women at that time werent allowed to wear pants of any sort. Although, there was one exception when women were allowed to wear shorts – for cycling. Broadly, Bermuda shorts were first developed in Bermuda, where they were adopted by the British army in 1916. Since then, American and European male tourists in Bermuda, wore shorts for the sake of comfort in the warm climate. Later on, between the 1920s and 1930s, Bermuda shorts became integrated into the Western world as a symbol of wealth and vacation attributes.

Bermuda shorts came into the womens wardrobe in the late 1940s; famous actresses like Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn, and Greta Garbo, began a revolution back in 1933. For the longest time, women could’ve gotten arrested for wearing inappropriate outfits for their gender. The shorts trend has been eventually popularized in the 60s when they were worn by Jackie Kennedy & Twiggy, and were shown on the runway by Yves Saint Laurent. They were also often featured on the silver screen, in popular movies of the era. After an even broader expansion in the 1990s, Bermuda shorts became a statement piece in the wardrobe for both men and women.

Here are ways you can style Bermuda shorts to create classy & trendy looks.

1. Oversized Jacket

An oversized jacket is another statement piece in a modern woman’s closet that derived from the men’s wardrobe. There are a dozen ways you can style it, but here are the most trendy looks for this summer. First are tone-on-tone suit jackets with Bermuda shorts. Mainly in pastel colors, tucked in or out. Although, for my ultimate summer night out, I would wear a tucked in jacket with shorts - chic and simple.

Bermuda Shorts Trend  @clairerose  The Dallant.png


Bermuda Shorts Trend with blazer @claudia_stitchfix  The Dallant.png


Make it classy by pairing with a silk top - suitable for both the office and rendezvous.

Bermuda Shorts Trend with leather blazer and denim shorts  The Dallant.png


Bermuda Shorts Trend  @valerieanne16  The Dallant.png


For a young and sexy look, layer a cool bralette under the jacket.

2. Ribbed Tank Top

Pairing with a ribbed tank top is my personal favorite combination and I would recommend choosing a stretch-jersey top instead of a cotton version to style with leather shorts for an ultimate chic look.

Bermuda Shorts Trend  @melisekrem  The Dallant.png


Bermuda Shorts Trend  @valerieanne16  The Dallant -1.png


3. Sweatshirt

I’d like to call this option “cozy off quarantine”, as we all got used to loungewear and sweats. Though, if paired with Bermuda shorts, it’ll instantly become an elevated casual look. Add a bucket hat to accessorize and you are ready to go!

Bermuda Shorts Trend  @suzannespiegoski  The Dallant.png


Bermuda Shorts Trend  @blancamiro  The Dallant.png


4. T-shirt with padded shoulders

I remember wearing a padded t-shirt about 10 or more years ago. This season they are back and it deserves a place in your closet. A look paired with Bermudas will cover you from the (home) office to the bar.

Bermuda Shorts Trend  @oliviafaeh  The Dallant.png


Shoe tip: Heeled flip flops (very on-trend at the moment) will suit any look with Bermuda shorts! 

Are you ready to get dressed now? If you have travel plans this summer, you can easily pack a pair of Bermuda shorts and create several chic looks with these different styling options – you’ll be a queen!

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