3 Ways To Style A Cardigan

By Eileen Nguyen

Cardigans have started to become a trending closet essential, whether it was for spring or fall. Well, it has made its way into the fall 2020 season but this time, with a twist. There are different variations of cardigans, ranging from short sleeve to long sleeve, the cropped variation to the long variation, and now asymmetrical to standard straight button down. Asymmetrical clothing items have been paving the way into the fashion scene starting with off-the shoulder pieces and even with pants. Now it’s time for the cardigan to have its asymmetrical moment, which allows room for different ways to style it. Not sure how to style cardigans and its variations? Look no further, because these are the different ways you can style cardigans. 

Tucked and Partial Button

Cardigans usually have buttons and just because there’s multiple of them doesn’t mean that you have to utilize all of them. A way to button them is to leave the first few top buttons alone and button the bottom ones to tighten the waist line more and make it easier to tuck into your bottoms. This makes the cardigan look put together but adds some flirtiness to the look. 

Chinda Phraph


Ivana Kordic


Un-buttoned and Relaxed

The standard and simple way of wearing a cardigan is to just simply throw it on without having to button it. Simply wearing it as a regular sweater/throw on piece can also be a great way to let the cardigan shine. Pair it with a plain top underneath and bottoms to let the cardigan stand out, or if your cardigan isn’t a statement piece compared to the first layer, then simply use it as a throw on to keep yourself warm but still looking fashionable.

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Allison Ho


One Button

Just buttoning only one button creates like a cropped sweater factor, allowing the first layer to peek through the cardigan. It’s a cute and flirty way of styling the staple piece while still keeping it simple. This kind of style is perfect for when you have a cute flattering top as the base and just want to layer a basic piece on top for an extra layer. In this case, the cardigan isn’t the statement piece, but rather the accent piece. 

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